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We’re working from home

and so can you. Plus, our Friday recap.

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Facebook Friday

Posts of the Week

  • Need some help with your next project? (via GenM)
  • Increase your sales with conversion rate optimization. (via Moz)
  • Easy professional resume templates. (via SwiftCV)
  • How to use headings on your site. (via Yoast)
  • Return your Amazon products to Kohl’s. (via TechCrunch)

Drink of the Week

Canned wine? You betcha. Today, we’re keeping it simple (and classy) with some Rose Bubbles from the folks at Union Wine Company in Oregon.

No, this isn’t sponsored. It’s just really dang good.

Let's party

Acronym of the Week


Search Engine Results Page

Ad 4/26

McDonald’s 1986.


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