Hiding Behind the Curtain - Carney

Hiding Behind the Curtain

A Daily Carnage feature: Carney on Carnage

My fear of putting myself and my ideas out there for public consumption dates back to junior high. I would respectfully inform my 8th grade English teacher that I would be passing on the oral report because of my fear of passing out. Anyone out there feel me?

I created a workaround that I’ve utilized most of my life. Befriend the extraverted to get the party started. Hire someone that loves the limelight for pitching new business.

It’s taken me 30 years to figure something out with the help of my wise and wonderful Integral Coach. I have become a trusted advisor to many, and it’s time to show up.

With that, I’ll be using this space once a week to share behind-the-scenes insights, observations, and, yes, my ideas on a number of items related to running Carney and The Daily Carnage brand.

I’d also love to hear from you. Lmk if there’s anything that you’re curious about regarding agency life, The Daily Carnage, or if you’d like to know who is most likely to bring pastries on Monday morning. Hit me up at  rob@carney.co

Bring it. And the pastries.

– Rob Carney


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