The vision

Based in Pittsburgh, Astrobotic works to provide affordable robotic technology and planetary missions for the business and science communities.

We offered an updated site that enables users to configure a mission, receive a cost estimate, and plan a flight.

The MoonMailsection provided users with an interactive way to choose and purchase a "capsule." A fully operational shopping cart system was designed around the platform in order to facilitate sales.

astrobotic - griffin lander
astrobotic - griffin lander capabilities
An animation of a location icon lands on the moon
A Space-X rocket takes off revealing a picture of the moon rising over the earth
An animated abstract diagram of a lunar lander with bright colors and moving dots

The challenge

It is rocket science! The primary goal of our design was to communicate the practicality of Astrobotic's high-capability space missions without alienating their audience.

Custom illustrations, icons, and animations help make the concept of space travel more accessible.

In the News

Astrobotic's MoonMailwas featured in several articles and news specials. Checkout the KDKA Pittsburgh news story featuring the website and it's online ordering system.