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People are scrolling. People are streaming. How do you get them to stop, install, and start learning? Duolingo was looking for a strategic partner to help drive installs by motivated learners who were likely to become daily users.

Campaign Strategy and Creative

From capturing the attention of language-learners during the New Years’ resolution season, to conveying the appeal of Duolingo’s bite-sized lessons, we helped Duolingo plan and execute seasonal and evergreen campaigns.

Animations captured attention and showcased the app as well as Duolingo’s much-loved, slightly pushy mascot, Duo.

Parlez-vous paid acquisit­ion?

As a language learning company with global reach, localized translations of ads are a must. We provided support for advertising in multiple languages and character sets to help drive installs worldwide.

Engaging Social Media Content

To support Duolingo’s goal of producing engaging social content we conceptualized and executed an animated Instagram story featuring Duo.

The story quickly prompted over 500 people to click through and install the app.

The Takeaway Create for people, not algorithms.

Consistently cooking up content that is relevant, trackable, and on brand is a tall order for many companies. Although clicks and views fill reports, they don't necessarily bring you closer to your goals. The struggle is real! Carney can help.

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