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Strategic planning and innovation with a leading health technology company.


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Product innovation & strategy

Targeted surveys, questionnaires, A/B testing, and research into the consumer mindset helps us help Philips. Roundtable discussions between Carney and the Philips team combine business objectives with consumer-driven insights. Our collaboration has helped avoid costly communication pitfalls and informed the next generation of products and services.

B2B Sales Tools

Your salespeople are on the front lines and reporting back on challenges they face making a sale. We’ve helped Philips create a variety of B2B sales tools to quickly and distinctly demonstrate the advantage of Philips products and services.

Internal communication

Moving company initiatives off the drawing board and into production can be a challenge. When an idea is daring enough, complex enough, important enough, a simple PowerPoint deck isn’t always enough. We’ve helped Philips design and wordsmith internal pitch decks to secure buy-in from internal stakeholders and decision makers.

The Takeaway Done right. Done on time.

Even at large corporations, internal resources can be limited. Outside perspectives can clarify your message. We’ve helped companies like Philips with tight turn-arounds and strategic planning. We commit to getting it done right and on time.

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