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4 Easy Strategies for More Effective Holiday YouTube Ads

Halloween is the last line of defense before the holiday floodgates really open on November 1. In other words, October 31st is the only thing standing in the way between you and YouTube’s video suggestions for Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

While Mariah is racking up the views, you can run a successful ad campaign. To help you out, Wordstream has 4 easy strategies for more effective holiday YouTube Ads.

  • YouTube shopping campaigns. If you have your product feeds built up in Google Merchant Center, then this is a great way you can get those products in front of viewers on YouTube. While your video plays, you can display up to six of your products and viewers can click to purchase or learn more. This is made possible with YouTube’s TrueView for shopping in-stream campaigns. You can choose to display all your products if your variety isn’t too vast, or you can manually select ones you’d like to appear.
  • YouTube sitelink extensions. Mobile makes up the majority of watch time on YouTube. Meet people where they are with a TrueView for action campaign running sitelink extensions on mobile. This is similar to the first strategy, but it’s not as pointed in directing people to a specific product. Make sure your sitelinks don’t get cut off since they’ll only be seen on mobile. Additionally, optimize your landing pages for mobile for a seamless experience.
  • YouTube call-to-action extensions. These are some of the simplest ads you’ll find on YouTube videos. With an allotted headline character count capped at 10 and the CTA text capped at 15 characters, these ads are concise to say the least. You can easily access this ad type when you’re in the ad creation process. This allows more ease in modifying your ad for testing purposes.

Check out the fourth strategy and put some to use this holiday season.


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