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Practice What You Preach

The value of a brand is like the personality of a human. Today’s Tactic section really inspired us and it got us thinking about how other companies present their values.

If your company defined its values it’s probably somewhere on the About page on your website. In other words, most likely not in a prominent place. Like we said above, there is an emotional tie to buying, so why hide the heart of your brand.

Let’s look at an example, shall we? Zappos has 10 core values and yes, we found it on a subpage of their About section. BUT here’s the difference…

  1. Zappos created blog content around their core values.
  2. Zappos lists “Create Fun and A Little Weirdness,” plus “Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded,” as core values and their social profiles and posts are proof.
  3. “Deliver WOW through service” is listed first under core values. In Zappos Twitter bio, it reads “Zappos is our name and service is our game!” This means they are promoting this strength any chance they get. Now you might be thinking big whoop, they added it on social. Well…
  4. Zappos shows they give a hoot about service because if you scroll down to the bottom of their homepage, customers can give feedback on shopping experience. This, by the way, also speaks to Zappos’ core value in willingness to learn and grow.

What we’re trying to say is – if you’re going to stand for something, or define values then by golly, practice what you preach.


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