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Repurposing Content for Social Media

Getting your social media content to rank high in any platform’s algorithm is like trying to hit a moving target. Relevance and timing is everything, but coming up with content to feed the beast usually ends with brands sacrificing quality over quantity. 

This is when repurposing content comes in handy for marketers spinning their wheels. You take your best stuff and put it back out there for a number of reasons. The big benefits for marketers to repurpose content are:

  • Reinforcing brand messaging
  • Boosting SEO and driving traffic
  • Reaching new audiences and supporting new leads

Sounds good, right? Well don’t think that it’s as easy as a copy and paste job. Repurposing content is a strategic balance and not all content is meant to be repeated. As with everything marketing move, it should be goal-focused and relevant to your audience. 

Some basics: Find your best-performing content first and then reformat it across different channels.

Some specifics: 

  • Steer the conversation: The best way to do this is to ask your audience a question. And your content is the answer.
  • Make it video-worthy: Turn your long-form blog content into bite-sized video or audio that your audience can consume easier.
  • Make it GIF-worthy: Already have video content? Chop your most interesting visuals into GIFs for social posts.
  • Make Images from Inspo: Get inspiration from your own written content and turn it into a visual of some kind using quotes, headlines, or stats. 

There really are endless ways to take your top posts and find new ways to get them in front of your audience. Check out Sprout Social’s full post for more ideas and details about repurposed content.


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