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Jk.. We enjoy the occasional brew but today’s ad revved us up.

19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2018

Tools are fantastic. Their objective is simple – make things easier to accomplish. With a hammer, you can build a home. With a pencil, you can write a book. An Avocado Slicer will help you throw the best guac fest. And so on, you get our drift.

Content Marketing Institute rounded up 19 tools to help you produce content more efficiently and we are here for all of them!

Let’s jump in:
1. Quuu Promote. Automatically share an article with hundreds of real Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. It costs $40 per month for one piece of content and $500 per month for 20.

2. Hootsuite Amplify. Want to increase your social reach? Amplify makes it easy for employees to share more content. Priced on a case-by-case basis, this tool was designed with bigger companies in mind.

4 & 5. Triberr and Viral Content Bee. These two tools are free and let you connect with groups of people who are interested in similar topics. It’s a share and be shared concept.

6. MeetEdgar. A unique social scheduling tool, your content automatically shares every piece of content you add then reshares older updates your followers could have missed the first time.

8. IFTTT. “If this, then that” is an automation tool that hooks apps with websites. So when you publish a blog, IFTTT then posts it on your social accounts and it’s free!

14. MozBar. A chrome extension, you’ll be able to view a site’s domain authority. It’s free and CMI finds it most useful when qualifying sites to promote content to.

15. Mailshake. Send personalized cold emails in bulk from your email address. You’ll be able to replace text for personalization. And when someone opens, clicks, or replies to the initial email, a follow-up is automatically sent. This one is $29 – $49 per month.

18. Zurb. People decide whether or not to open an email based solely on a few words. Zurb helps you make sure your subject line, sender name, and pre-header text look good on mobile before sending. Plus, it’s free.

Click through to catch the remaining nine!

The Complete Guide to Reddit Marketing

You’ve heard of Reddit, right? Believe it or not, it’s the sixth most visited website in the world. It’s freaking huge. And there’s a forum, or Subreddit, for almost any topic you can think of.

There’s really weird Subreddits, like one where people photoshop human arms onto birds, but there are some really useful ones — like the marketing Subreddit.

There is one problem with Reddit, though. It’s really hard to use the platform for marketing. Reddit users hate, truly hate, overt marketing.

You know what they do love? Useful, helpful content (which you’re already producing, right?)

So, if you’ve already got that great content, maybe it’s time to give Reddit a shot for marketing. MarketingProfs has the full scoop on how you can do that:

  1. Use Reddit ads. From the “no duh” department, Reddit advertising is a dead simple way to reach your audience. Ads on the platform usually appear at the top, or sometimes inline, with the other Subreddit discussions. You’ll usually want to promote content here that your audience will find truly helpful.
  2. Monitor Reddit for mentions of your brand. It’s really easy to search Reddit for mentions of your brand. When you find one, it’s usually easy enough to jump into the conversation. Again…don’t be salesy. Just helpful.
  3. Share your experience. If you’ve got a unique or exciting experience that’s relevant to your brand, share it in a relevant Subreddit. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur who has built a huge business from nothing, jump into the entrepreneur Subreddit and talk about your experience building it.
  4. Participate in Subreddits relevant to your brand. Don’t have any unique experience? That’s okay! You can still participate in a Subreddit, the same way you’d participate in a Facebook Group. Talk to other users, be helpful, yadda, yadda, yadda.
  5. Share your content. Once you’ve done enough participating and people get that you’re not around for promotional purposes, you can share content. Reddit can drive a TON of traffic if you do this right.

Phew, we covered a lot here, and there’s still more to learn 👇

Make the World Listen

Dang, Nike. You’re doing everything right, right now.

The controversy-loving brand is bringing the 🔥, yet again, in their latest ad. This one features a montage of women tackling all sorts of different sports.

The minute-long spot starts with failure. A women doesn’t complete her lift and drops the barbell, a skateboarded falls while attempting a trick, a boxer gets knocked to the mat.

But, they all get up and complete what they set out to do. The ad finishes with the perfect tagline, “Make the world listen.”

Another Nike ad that makes us want to run through a wall…

“The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it’s hard to trust somebody that you don’t know.”

Ben Horowitz

Ads from the Past

Er-mah-gerd.. Schlitz Beer, you are getting the biggest, most exaggerated eye roll for this 1950’s ad.


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