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The Secret to Getting More from Social Media

As a couple a’ marketing writers who pride themselves on having their “finger on the pulse,” we are face-palming at the latest revelation. Hootsuite has a podcast?

Well, we just had to tune in. This month’s episode is an interview with Amber Naslund, a sales and marketing leader at Hootsuite. She also (alongside Jay Baer) co-authored the book, The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social.  

In this short, 10-minute podcast, she shares advice on brand building, engagement, and how to avoid common pitfalls. We don’t know about you, but when a digital marketing expert shares their words of wisdom, we are all ears.

  • (01:10) Why you shouldn’t set out to simply accumulate an audience.  
  • (02:40) One huge, detrimental thing marketers get hung up on… (Spoiler: they get too hung up on quick wins and shortcuts.)
  • (04:15) How much time Amber spends engaging on social media and why it’s important to treat it more like a text and less like a thing to “check in on.”
  • (04:50) Don’t just schedule time for it, respond in real time so you can build these connections and establish credibility. 
  • (05:00) Amber’s favorite brands on social and why one of them is just a little police department in Maine. Dang, now they know how to use Facebook…
  • (06:40) The benefits of “surprise and delight.”
  • (08:00) If you were given the reins to a brand’s full social strategy, where should you start? Amber says, bring it back a few notches. Most people try to do too much
  • (09:05) With an overwhelm of content and people vying for attention, it’s important to not be sledgehammer…”Be a scalpel so you can be precise in the audience.”
  • (09:35) Her predictions for the future of marketing and why she thinks A.I. will have a massive impact.

Hey, but don’t just take it from us—hear everything she’s gotta say in today’s Listen.

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