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Roll With The Punches

A virtual summit on passion and perseverance.

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How to Retain Customers with Data-First Strategies, feat. Meta, Nextdoor, Snyk and more

How can business leaders achieve success in today’s unpredictable market? There are many variables to consider, but one thing is certain: it takes grit.

On May 10th, Twilio Segment will host CDP Live: How to Retain Customers with Data-First Strategies with Angela Duckworth, author of New York Times bestseller, Grit.

Twilio Segment: Angela Duckworth

Register for this half-day virtual summit to discover how Angela’s research and teachings on passion and perseverance can help everyone from CEOs to developers to thrive in adversity.

Q for You

How familiar are you with the concept of Web3?

Runway for Generative AI Video

The possibilities are quite literally infinite with this AI video-to-video iOS app. Provide Runway with an existing short video clip and input—like text, a reference image, or a preset—to apply a theme or aesthetic, like watercolor, charcoal sketch, claymation… you name it. Literally.

Runway AI

TAG Heuer Carrera

Car(rera) Chase

Are we tired of the “behind-the-scenes of the commercial” commercial trope yet? No! This 5-minute film features Ryan Gosling on the run from SNL’s Vanessa Bayer, a prop master who has come to collect the expensive Carrera watch he stole from set. It has everything: stakes, laughs, and a twist.

Ads from the Past

Bell, 1957

Bell, 1957


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