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AdWord to Your Mother

10 AdWords copy hacks, viral vids, and more.

Transformers (of the Digital Kind)

Who wants to listen to a podcast that covers a lot of dope subtopics under one big, relevant topic? We do, we do! Today’s Listen comes from For Immediate Release, a weekly series starring experts who analyze news in digital and social media. V relevant to our interests.

So, what news are they talking about in this session?

  • How AI will affect health care and how health care communicators do their jobs
  • The Supreme Court’s decision to make access to social media a First Amendment right. Will corporate leaders finally ::dun dun dun:: take it seriously?
  • Digital transformations
  • The White House’s communications team is making the public’s perception of public relations even worse than it already was… (with the data to prove it)
  • Snapchat’s shares have fallen, its user growth has slowed, and daily visits to its Stories feature has fallen, but companies keep using it and pumping money into it. Should they?
  • Tech correspondent Dan York reports on the messaging wars

When you’ve checked out for the day, maybe you should tune in to this one so you can tell your boss you’re still learning something.

10 AdWords Ad Copy Hacks

Adwords is pretty simple…said no one ever. At first glance, it seems like it would be easy. Pick keywords your customers are searching and write ads based off of them. You only have a few lines of ad copy you can use, so you really can’t make many mistakes!

Siiiiiike. With such a small number of characters available for your ads, it’s actually incredibly difficult to write high-performing ads.

Big ups to Klientboost for helping us out with this one. Taking what they’ve learned about Adwords from 100 clients, they boiled down their learnings into 10 tricks you can use to make your Adwords ads perform well. Some of their tips:

  1. Based on the keywords you’re targeting, you should be able to understand where visitors are in the buying funnel. Make sure your offer and copy match that.
  2. Use specific, verifiable numbers. Don’t claim to be “the best coffee in the world” because you’re likely not. Instead, use specific numbers – people react positively to specificity.
  3. Get hyper local. You might think that, because your company operates all over the country, you shouldn’t run local search campaigns. So not true.
  4. FOMO. Don’t miss out on this tactic in your ad copy. (See what we did there?)

Get the rest of the tips in today’s Read.

6 Viral Marketing Videos & Why They Work

For marketers, getting noticed in this wild ‘n’ crazy world is straight up difficult. The world is inundated with unprecedented levels of noise and nonsense, making it nearly impossible to get your voice heard – no matter how profound it may be.

Enter: Video marketing. The Vital Frontier. So imperative, in fact, that 94% of marketers plan to add YouTube or Facebook video to their content distribution efforts in the next 12 months. Today’s Watch asks the question, “but what about a video makes it go viral?”

It’s certainly not enough to simply make something that you enjoy. Hubspot has rounded up 6 viral marketing videos and examines what makes them so effective. And that’s what makes this post such a goodie. Thanks, Hubspot.

“Don’t loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club, and if you don’t get it you will nonetheless get something that looks remarkably like it.”
Jack London

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