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Agencies 🤝 AI

Agency use cases for AI.

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🎥 Report: 75% of marketers believe AI will disrupt the creator economy this year.

💰 Band-Aid, Visa, Lysol, Ziploc and M&Ms make the list of top performing brands among women.

🔎 91.4% of all search queries trigger Google’s Search Generative Experience.

B2B marketers have their eyes on the Olympics.

🍬 PEZ got a new logo.

How are agencies using AI?

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Creative Boom spoke with agencies that have embraced the power of AI to enhance projects, teams, and processes.

Here are some of the ways agency creatives are using AI:

For translating visual ideas.

Agencies report using AI as a generative partner for the creative process, not so much the final deliverable. It’s especially useful for translating ideas and visual concepts to both designers and clients.

For demonstrating art direction.

AI mock-ups and mood boards can speed up communication, excite the client, set expectations, and enhance creative briefs.

For storyboarding.

Teams can be more agile at the scripting stage, experimenting with camera angles and frames without the need for adjustments by a storyboard artist.

For research.

AI can quickly process complex sources and provide synopses, identify salient information, and fill in knowledge gaps.

For consistency.

Passing collaborative copy through ChatGPT to optimize copy for consistent tone is a massive time-saver.

Drill down into each use case at Creative Boom.

Q for You

How likely are you to use AI to generate ad copy?

Adsby AI Ad Generator

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Adsby is a free AI ad generator tool for Google ads. We figured we’d let it speak for itself.

All we did was enter the URL and define the category (Ecomm, Services, Local Business, or Technology), and this was the result:

Effortless Ad Creation – AI-Powered Ad Magic
“Create perfect ads in a few clicks with our Free AI Ad Generator Tool. Streamline your ad creation effortlessly. Discover the ease of ad creation with Adsby’s Free AI Ad Generator. Perfect ads, zero cost, no effort.” 

Pretty passable. Choose from several variations, and you’re on your way.

Ads from the Past

Burger King, 1966

Burger King, 1966


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