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Reasons for organic traffic decline.

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🐶 Bark Air will fly your pooch one-way for $6k.

👨‍🎤 Wrestlemania was Peacock’s most-streamed entertainment event ever.

🚗 Honda is using AI to enhance car journeys for visually impaired passengers.

👎 Meta advertisers report that platform glitches are affecting campaign performance.

🍔 What if the ubiquitous “hamburger” menu icon was instead… an OREO cookie?

AI Prompt: OREO

Diagnostic Questions for Declining Organic Traffic

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Have you noticed a decline in your site’s organic traffic? Identify and address the problem with these 13 diagnostic questions:

  1. Are there signs this might be a tracking issue, like big data discrepancies?
  2. Is this a brand problem stemming from negative press, sunset ad campaigns, or rollbacks in acquisition spend?
  3. Where is non-brand performance down; which URLs and keywords are trending down?
  4. Do we care about this traffic?
  5. What does the trend line tell us? Is it a sharp or a sloped decline?
  6. Did something change with our site content?
  7. Are there new or major technical issues on the site?
  8. Did we lose backlinks or referrers?
  9. Was there a recent algorithm update?
  10. Did the SERP change in meaningful ways?
  11. Is the domain being penalized?
  12. Did competition change?
  13. Are users behaving differently?

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Q for You

Has your return-on-ad-spend across Meta platforms plummeted in recent months?


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Attn: lite Luddites.

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Simone Biles x Powerade

Power of Pause

Vaulting into emotional-Olympics-ad season like… 🤸

GOAT gymnast Simone Biles took a two-year break from the sport after suffering from “the twisties” and a whole lot of global pressure.

In a dramatic campaign for Powerade, she reflects on the power of pausing as we tumble through her life’s most meaningful moments with her.

Ads from the Past

OREO, 1969

OREO, 1969


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