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The Daily Carnage

BFF ❤️ (Black Friday Forever)

This week’s recap to read during your food coma.

The More You Know...

(psst –– check out the answer to today’s Thanksgiving trivia Q down below)

What is the weird red thing under a turkey’s beak called?

Top Posts of the Week

What We Learned

Monday: Today marks Black Friday! This whole weekend will be full of shopping and marketing strategies, but what about the next big shopping week? Cyber Week II is the week after Christmas (Dec 26-Jan 1). Channable listed ad, marketing, and strategy tips for Cyber Week II on their blog.

Tuesday: Don’t skimp on your content, or Google will think your website is weak. Thin content is content that doesn’t provide value to a user and can hurt your site’s SEO. Morning Score put together a guide with 13 ways to fix thin content with tips on identifying it in the first place.

Wednesday: MoEngage shared the top 5 lessons to learn from successful holiday marketing. They are:

  1. Appeal to all types of emotions.
  2. It’s not just about shopping, so educate, too.
  3. Support causes that align with your brand values.
  4. Find ways to reduce the stress for your customers.
  5. Your strategy better be mobile-first.

Thursday: No Carnage! We were too busy enjoying taters, turkey, and toasts

🥔 🦃 🥂

Join the Conversation

Fawn asked, “Question for anyone and everyone involved in the marketing realm: How do you know you are good at your job?”

Jamie shared:

Michele wrote, “With the holidays coming up, we will have holiday parties in our regional markets, but most of my team members are remote in areas where they won’t be able to attend in person. I’d love ideas how we can do a virtual holiday party that doesn’t involve food because I have one team member with a host of dietary concerns that prevent them from eating most foods. Any suggestions welcome from quiz platforms to team budding packages I can have mailed to their house, I’m open. Thanks in advance.”

Nancy shared:

The Post-Thanksgiving Special


  • 1 or 2 of whatever beer could be left in the fridge.


  1. Rummage your leftovers.
  2. Crack open a cold one.
  3. Take a nap in stretchy pants.

Recipe by Yo Momma’s House

Ads from the Past

1978, Coca-Cola

Did Ya Know?

What is the weird red thing under a turkey’s beak called?

d. A wattle

Weird. In fact, there are a lot of strange names for turkey anatomy that don’t sound real.


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