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Core Update Homework ✏️

To-dos after a Google Core Update.

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AI Prompt: Television remote control.

6 Things to Do After a Google Core Update

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The March 2024 core update has been volatile. Here’s how to respond.

  1. Assess the impact on your site. Check search visibility often using tools like Semrush, Ahrefs or Sistrix to find huge surges or smaller fluctuations. Monitor traffic and ranking changes using Google Analytics, Search Console and other third-party tools. Then, take a look at your Google Search Console performance reports.
  2. Evaluate the market and gain industry insight. Review changes in SERPs, including new competitors and new snippets. Take stock of whether or not your closest competitors have gained or lost ground. Make sure to read the latest intel on the algorithm.
  3. Isolate the bad and the good. Segment data to understand factors leading to performance changes. Check URL directories to see whether certain areas are gaining, maintaining or losing ground. Compile a spreadsheet of your biggest winning and losing pages to compare and contrast.
  4. Review areas for improvement. Review and align with Google’s guidelines for content and quality. Audit your site, considering site speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability and indexability. Check metrics such as engagement rate, average session duration and pages per session in Google Analytics to gauge user engagement.
  5. Review your strategy and plan. Schedule a more thorough review, assess user intent, and carry out a content gap analysis. Create an achievable action plan you can start on as soon as possible.
  6. Communicate with stakeholders. Prepare a summary report, explain plans and strategies, address concerns, and update on progress.

Dig deeper at Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

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