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Crushing It 

Yikes, Apple.

Do Ya Know?

Check your answer below!

Which brand launched the “Thank You, Mom” campaign in 2010 during the Olympic Games?

Top Posts of The Week

✈️ Report: Here’s how Gen Z travels.

💊 Pharma advertisers are starting to tap the creator economy.

👵 You might need a night cream if you can pass the McSweeney’s Millennial CAPTCHA.

🍺 Budweiser turned songs that mention the brand into targeted ads on Spotify.

👽 Gen Z doesn’t actually care if influencers or human or not.

🪄 Instagram’s new “Reveal” feature for Stories creates engagement opportunities.

👻 How Snapchat is saving itself.

🧠 ChatGPT is getting closer to searching the web and citing sources.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: A robot studying at a library.

What We Learned

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Monday: Your content framework is the collection of ideas, information, and principles that keep your team aligned. Try the EASY framework to guide your blog posts, guides, ebooks, videos, or landing pages.

Tuesday: Here’s 9 tips from Demand Curve for writing cold emails that people actually open (and respond to).

Wednesday: Marketers are tasked with delivering increasingly personalized experiences to satisfy consumer appetite, but not at the expense of data privacy. Here’s how to cope.

Thursday: Give HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Email Spam Trigger Words a good hard look.

Carnage Connections

Can you solve this puzzle? (Hint: slogans!)

Carnage Connections #8

The Conversation

Taryn asked, “Anyone know of any social media mgmt platforms that pull @mentions into any kind of inbox?”

Janie asked, “Is anyone else seeing a discrepancy in their analytics on Facebook vs. what they see in Sprout/social media analytical platform?”

Monica asked, “How do you track out of all the calls booked on your site, i.e. if any came from blog content?”

Heather asked, “Threads users — any insight into how virality/the algorithm are working over there?”

Pocket Stats

Here’s what we learned about The Daily Carnage community this week:

  • 48% of marketers use Google Docs as their primary word processor, while 44% use Microsoft Word.
  • Talk about cold: 35% of marketers do NOT use data-enrichment tools to optimize their cold calling strategy.
  • Just 12% of marketers are currently using a consumer data platform (CDP), but 21% report that they’re looking into adopting the tool ahead of cookie deprecation.

Sparkling Raspberry Mimosa


  • 4 oz chilled Prosecco, sparkling wine, or Brut Champagne
  • 2 oz Raspberry Lemonade
  • 6-8 fresh raspberries sprinkled with sugar


  1. Pour 4 oz of sparkling wine into a champagne flute, about 2/3 full.
  2. Pour about 2 oz of raspberry lemonade in the glass, almost to the top of the glass.
  3. Top the glass with about 6-8 fresh sugared raspberries.

Recipe by We’re The Joneses


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Ads from the Past

Pepsi, 1997

Pepsi, 1997

Did Ya Know?

Answer: Proctor & Gamble.

P&G’s iconic “Thank You, Mom” campaign was led by Wieden+Kennedy and launched in 2010 for the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It would be the brand’s most successful global campaign, amassing over 74 million views and 370 million Twitter interactions.


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