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Don’t Sweat It

Ways to win retail customers plus a tool to generate QR codes.

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How to master social media for retail and win more customers

Sprout Social Index found 91% of a brand’s social media followers will visit the brand’s website or application, 89% will buy from the brand, and 85% will recommend the brand to family and friends. When there are percentages like that… oh, hello opportunity!

This is why Sprout Social is talking to us today about how to master social media for retail and win more customers.

Social media captures people at different stages of the customer journey. Therefore, it’s important we create a compelling customer journey at every touchpoint.

  • Adopt an omnichannel social presence. Instagram is an excellent platform for retailers, but don’t stop there. Run paid ads on Facebook and crosspost on Twitter where it makes sense.
  • Gather feedback from your social customers. Sell your brand beyond your products. Of course, your followers love seeing deals but throw in question-based content as well. Ask customers what they like or don’t like, and deliver.
  • Dedicate time to providing customer service on social. The way you respond to customers says a lot about your brand. Let customer service be a part of your social strategy. Personalize your replies in a timely manner.
  • Look out for trends to influence your product and content strategies.
    • See what others in your space are doing well. Then brainstorm ways to make it more relevant to your audience. 
    • Discover which hashtags are trending and how they may align with your brand or offerings.
    • Cut through the crowd and listen to what’s happening on social media to keep your content relevant. 
  • Don’t forget your physical packaging. A customer’s purchase is one victory with the potential for more. Drive them back to your social channels so they may keep up with your offerings. Ship your products with a business card or a thank you note with your handles included.

Read on for the rest of Sprout Social’s strategies.

QR Code Generator

Any chance we have to simplify interactions with customers, we’ll jump on that like a freshly made bed. One handy dandy tool for easily directing customers to your social media channels is a QR Code Generator.

We talked about the importance of keeping customers engaged in social media even after they purchase your products. Ship your package with a card displaying a QR code so people can easily scan and follow all your accounts. Take the searching out of the equation and create a QR code for your accounts.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things From Taking Over Your Life by Richard Carlson

We all let small things in our lives overwhelm us from time to time. It’s natural, but it’s usually not helpful. Richard Carlson helps put things in perspective so we may feel more fulfilled. Put small worries to rest and consider where they stand in the grand scheme of your life.


It’s too dang easy to get distracted from a task at hand. A phone call might throw you off your groove, clickbait might draw you in, or maybe you walk into a room and forget why you went in. Distraction is entirely inevitable and relatable.

Setapp encourages us to conquer our distractions once and for all. After all, getting distracted can have dire consequences. Take this guy for instance: his hypnotist forgot to snap him out of his hypnosis state.

Ads from the Past

1956, PEZ

“You can’t let perfection get in the way of getting things done.”

Gini Dietrich


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