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Fighting FOFO (Fear of Finding Out)

We’ve all had FOMO at some points in our life, or have at least heard of it (fear of missing out). What about the opposite term? FOFO, fear of finding out, is used often in the medical field for those afraid to seek medical treatment and finding out they have a condition. However, FOFO is seen in the marketing realm as well. It typically arises when we don’t want the responsibility or have the right clarity.

Examples of FOFO in marketing:

  • FOFO that your marketing model is bloated: Restructuring and streamlining might feel like a struggle at first, but leaders are getting innovative and rebuilding their models.
  • FOFO that your money is in the wrong places: Finding leaky pipes and fixing them might mean a huge difference to your bottom line, but it will take the elbow grease to find them.
  • FOFO that you’re not planning ahead: No one can predict the true future, but how prepared are you for what’s next? Scary thoughts that keep leaders up at night.

Well alright, we’ve given you an existential crisis. Now what? How to fight FOFO:

  • Confront it: Get honest with your financial and auditing minds. Nothing beats transparency and a true understanding of weak spots or hidden strengths.
  • Create Confidence: Leaders don’t play the blame game. Let us repeat: NO BLAME GAME. Leaders create confidence and processes for when things go wrong, because they are prepared if things go wrong.
  • Think short and long term: “How” and “Why” should be at the forefront of every path. 

Check out the full AdWeek article to see how brands have confronted FOFO in their marketing strategies.


Q for You

In marketing, do you think you have fear of missing out or finding things out?


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