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Feel the G4A-Force

Step-by-step directions for GA4 reporting, and call analytics to help your campaign tracking.

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Your Agency Guide to Google Analytics 4

If you’re a marketer who hasn’t heard of GA4, you may have been living on a remote island. We’re jealous, and we would love a postcard. But that’s what this newsletter is for – to share this GA4 guide from CallRail, an advanced conversion tracking platform.

Don’t Make the Full Leap Yet:

We have until July 2023 before Google will move everyone to GA4. So this is your chance to adapt while you still have use of UA. Here are the top reasons to use both right now:

  • Historical Data. It’s a sad, sad loss, but your historical data in UA (and your tags) wonʼt migrate over to GA4. By having both, you can see how your key measurements will be affected and alter your reporting accordingly.
  • Third-party integrations. Third-party integrations (CRMs, eCommerce, even your CMS) that were built on UAʼs measurements will no longer work until theyʼre updated to GA4. By keeping UA, youʼll retain all of your integrations with GA until they are GA4-ready.
  • New Reports. By leveraging elements of both UA and GA4 into your client reporting now, clients will get used to the new metrics.

While we are losing some beloved UA features, we’re not anti-GA4. Here are features we are gaining:

  • Event-based Tracking
  • Better Journey Reporting and Analysis
  • Automated Insights
  • Pro-User Data Collection

5 Easy Steps to Upgrade to GA4:

  1. Login to your (or your clientʼs) Google Analytics account with an Editor role.
  2. Navigate to the Admin page and choose the desired Account.
  3. Select the Universal Analytics property in the next column to which you wish to add GA4.
  4. Click the “GA4 Setup Assistant.”
  5. Select “I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property” and either add a tag or enable the use of your existing tags.

Check out the full guide by Callrail for step-by-step instructions on setting up properties, GTM, and event tracking for GA4.

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Ads from the Past

1974, Jantzen


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