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Because is a power word

plus – actionable SEO techniques, Tesla rentals, and one inspiring video.

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Actionable SEO Techniques You Can Use Right Now

SEO still matters folks, which is why we talk about it every Monday.

Brian Dean (SEO Whiz) at Backlinko put together a killer piece on 21 actionable SEO techniques that work great in 2019. We’re giving you the highlight reel. Make sure you dive into the full article below.

  • Discover untapped keywords on Reddit: According to Brian, Reddit is a “keyword research goldmine.” Head over to Reddit and find your audience through a topic search. Take note of what they’re talking about. Boom. You got yourself some keywords.
  • Update, upgrade and republish old blog posts: Don’t let your old content just sit there; repurpose it. Ideas: add a case study, customer reviews, etc. Get creative.
  • Use Google Ads to your advantage: Need some inspiration for a new blog post? Head over to Google and type in your keyword. Use the copy from the ads to inspire your title and description tag.
  • Give people the ability to share: If you want folks to share your content, make sure your share buttons are prominently placed on your page or blog post. #LowHangingFruit
  • Use the word ‘Because’ in your outreach email: “The word ‘because’ has surprisingly powerful effects on human psychology.” Brian saw a 45% increase when he used the word ‘because’ right away in his email outreach. Takeaway: get to the point quickly and use ‘because.’
  • Write mini blog posts for YouTube descriptions: 🚨Newsflash: Google owns YouTube. It comes as no surprise that YouTube video results are so prevalent on Google’s first page. Next time you post a video to YouTube, try to write a 200-word informative description including your target keyword several times. Your rankings will thank you.

It’s go-time. Smash that button below for even more tips.

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Remote Company Culture Book

We know we’re not alone when it comes to communicating through Slack.

Today’s tool comes in the form of a guide from the team at Ahoy.

The guide is packed with knowledge on how to build a culture in the hyper-connected, global, remote, Slack generation. It’s based on advice from team members of well established remote companies like Dribbble, GitHub, InVision and Automattic.

Feel of Vision

REI does video content really well. Their latest short tells the story of Lonnie Bedwell, the first blind man to conquer the 226 miles of the Colorado River.

If you’re looking for an inspiring story, add this to your queue.

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