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Approaches to Facebook Reels ads and a video editor to make them happen.

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Mastering Facebook’s Reel Ads

Social media and digital advertising are steadily on the rise year after year. A major player in that role is the emphasis on video content across social media networks like Instagram and Facebook Reels as well as TikToks.

But it can be a big science experiment when it comes to nailing sponsored content and video ads with an audience. #paid‘s blog breaks down how to master them specifically with Facebook’s Reels ads, but also how to make those ads transferrable.

How Facebook Reels play into a social strategy:

Despite the Meta changes happening, Facebook remains a substantial social leader and essential for advertisers reaching a wider variety of demographics. One of their new ad features includes Reels for Facebook – 30-second videos.

Repurposing Facebook Reels:

  • You might as well let your content do double work. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to video ads.
  • Experiment with making TikToks and trying them for Reels, and making Reels ads and trying them on TikTok.
  • Regardless, keep videos short and sweet, 30 seconds being the sweet spot for most videos.

Creative Approaches When Making Reels:

  • “Things You Didn’t Know” Storylines – It’s often framed like a testimonial that introduces something as a new discovery.
  • Problem + Solutions – The approach is used in pretty much every ad format there is, but for video content you can make it more entertaining.
  • Tutorials – A product application or tutorial is often a great hook for viewers.

Check out the full rundown from a Facebook Creative Partner on #paid‘s blog for more video ad insights.

Q for You

How long is your average testing phase for ads before you make any changes?

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