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This week’s recap is about the sights and sounds (maybe even smells) of branding.

Do Ya Know?

(psst –– the answer to today’s trivia Q can be found down below)

What’s in the Unilever logo?

Top Posts of the Week

What We Learned

Monday: For the most part, people make emotional purchases over informed purchases. So you gotta cater to their emotions. Stevens & Tate made a blog post that gives real examples and tips so you can see how brands use emotional advertising.

Tuesday: Sometimes hearing is believing. Sonic branding can be an iconic and memorable type of branding. The masters over at Audio Content Labs wrote an article for the science being how consumers relate to audio and how to create your own audio identity with sonic branding.

Wednesday: Landing pages have so many variables that influence sales, so you make have to do more than one A/B test. KlientBoost gave 11 testing ideas for landing pages so you can start your own strategic multivariate tests.

Thursday: Brands who can engage all five of the senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound) are bound to stand out from the competition. Forbes wrote about ways to brand across all 5 senses with multisensory marketing examples.

Join the Conversation

Bren asked, “When you see a position that’s full-time and fully remote, is the expectation that the hours are flexible?”

Laura shared, “Dear Zuck,

Stop. Just stop.


A Tired Social Media Manager”


Hannah wrote, “Are having headshots in email signatures cheesy or not?? Help my team decide….half of our team thinks it’s cringey and too ‘salesy’ and the other half thinks it adds a personal touch. Whats your view?”

Tiffany posted, “Currently having a creative block 😓 Can anyone please share any tips/tricks they’ve found useful in nonprofit marketing? Specifically for an animal shelter 🐶😺”

Pineapple Mojito

We need a little tropical zing in our lives this week


  • 3 1-inch chunks fresh pineapple
  • 5-6 mint leaves
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup
  • 3/4 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz Pineapple Rum
  • 1 oz White rum
  • Soda water


  1. In a glass, muddle pineapple chunks, mint leaves, sugar, and simple syrup.
  2. Fill the glass with ice, then pour in the lime juice and rums.
  3. Stir to combine, then top with a splash of soda water.
  4. Garnish with a lime wedge, sprig of mint and a few pineapple fronds.

Recipe by Modern Tiki

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Ads from the Past

1960, Band-Aid by Johnson & Johnson

What’s in the Unilever logo?

Plants? Things? Critters? The answer is all of the above! Unilever makes A LOT of products and their logo is supposed to represent the different industries they are in while also supporting sustainable living.

Here’s a breakdown of all the little logo elements.


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