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Email marketing 102.

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🕒 Thanks to AI, you can now ask Salvador Dali anything you want.

💬 Meta is testing DMs on Threads… via Instagram’s inbox.

⏩ Brands are “pivoting to video,” but this time, it’s for real.

💙 Wear ’em if you got ’em. X will stop letting users hide their blue checks.

🥡 Uber Eats is the latest app to build its own For You feed of vertical videos.

🕵️ How could a Reddit post rank on Google SERP within 5 minutes?

AI Prompt: Melting Clock

9 Tips to Improve Email Marketing Performance

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When it comes to email marketing, the target is always moving. Here are 9 tips to optimize your performance:

  1. Open Rates don’t tell the full story. Due to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, along with bot activity, open rates are inflated. Pay closer attention to human metrics like unsubscribes, clicks, and replies.
  2. Prioritize list quality over quantity. Don’t take shortcuts to a bloated list. Focus on delivering real value to the people who have signed up to hear from you.
  3. Inbox recognition > subject line optimization. Consider implementing Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) to display a sender logo alongside your messages in the inbox.
  4. Go back to the basics on email deliverability. Make sure your domains are authenticated and that you’re following infrastructure best practices, including your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM.
  5. Embrace the Gmail Promotions tab. It’s not such a bad thing that subscribers know that’s where to find your message. When they browse the Promotions tab, they’re in the mindset to take action and buy something.
  6. Take your data if you move ESPs. Bring along both positive and negative signals, from opens and clicks to complaints and unsubscribes.
  7. Clean your email lists quarterly. Segment your most engaged from your least engaged, and set a sunset campaign to dump contacts that have stopped engaging altogether.
  8. Practice email list segmentation. Balance your campaigns with non-promotional emails that can help subscribers use your product or service to solve a problem.
  9. Add value to your emails with interactivity and personalization. Engage and build relationships with your subscribers through countdown timers, live polls, surveys, animation, and GIFs.

Dig in to more email marketing tips at Litmus.

Smash or Pass

The NFL’s New York Jets announced a brand refresh, adding the jet back to the logo (right).

New York Jets Logo 2024


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Check your imbox.

It’s free of spam and full of the important people and places you enjoy hearing from.

How? Because Hey sorts your emails in “The Screener,” where you decide whether or not you want to hear from a contact ever again.

Literally sign me up. 😅

Pedigree Rebound Dogs

Rebound Dogs

The best thing to do after a breakup is jump into bed with someone new. Specifically, a dog. One that is the opposite of your ex in every measurable way—tall, cute, and actually nice to you.

Pedigree’s Rebound Dog campaign matches you with an adoptable “anti-ex” dog in your area, so you both can start a new life.

Ads from the Past

NFL, 1973

NFL, 1973


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