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SproutSocial’s Generational Marketing Guide

Sprout’s Generational Marketing guide illuminates some key opportunities for each target on social media:

Gen Z on social media: They notice and remember brands that prioritize responding to their customers over pumping out a high volume of content. Notably, they’re more apprehensive about brands using AI than millennials and Gen X.

  • Target this audience with engagement content like polls, quizzes, and UGC.
  • Make sure you’re responding to comments and DMs in a timely and personalized way.

Millennials on social media: No surprise here—they value social media more than any other generation, and they’re not afraid of adopting new platforms. They value original brand content and respond well to messaging that speaks to their unique challenges.

  • Establish online communities and identify topic opportunities to help fans of your brand connect.

Gen X on social media: Brands often miss the opportunity to communicate directly to this generation with tailored content and Gen X influencers. Their trust is hard to earn, but they’re also some of the most loyal customers. They share values with millennials, but they appreciate when brands take risks a little more.

  • Feature Gen X in your creative, UGC, and influencer strategy.

Read the full guide at SproutSocial.

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