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Content Done Right

If a piece of content is published on the web and no one views it, was it ever really published?

All too often, we overlook the distribution side of content marketing. We spend so much time ideating and creating that we forgot to focus on essentially the most important part.

Cold hard facts.
When done right, content marketing is said to produce 3x more leads per dollar compared to paid search.

So, how do you do it right?

We’re gonna give you some quick pros and cons on channel strategy, but we recommend diving in deep here to get the most out of this article.

Choose your channel wisely:

1. Website
Pros: Builds authority and trust.
Cons: Requires users to manually check the website for new content.

2. Social
Pros: Increased accessibility to your brand.
Cons: Organic reach can be low, even among established followers.

3. Email Marketing
Pros: Helps guide prospects down the sales funnel.
Cons: Takes time to build an email list.

4. Paid Social
Pros: Highly targeted level of control.
Cons: Can be costly.

5. Influencers / Sponsored Content
Pros: Established trust between influencer & audience.
Cons: Takes time to research/negotiate with an influencer.

At the core of any good strategy is a solid foundation. Click the button below to make sure you’re targeting the right channels.

Get More Done

Do you ever wish you had a clone to double your production? Today’s feature won’t allow you to clone yourself, but it’ll definitely make you more productive.

It’s called GenM.

Here’s the skinny:

For $49/month, you get 10 hours of work per week from a fully trained marketing apprentice. Yes, this is real.

Pros: This is a great service to vet entry-level work without the risk of a full-on hire. The price is unbeatable.
Cons: None so far.

Head over to GenM and find your ideal marketer today.

Open Mind

Nordstrom’s new brand campaign, ‘An open mind is the best look’ is gaining some traction. The commercial is a celebration of humanity and takes a closer look at how all of us live in the world –intersecting, interacting, connecting.

We dig it. What do you think?

Ads from the Past

How to live your best life. Burger King, 1979.


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