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In One Ad, Out the Other

Audio ads are here in a big way. Are you on board?

21(ish) Actionable Facebook & Instagram Video Tips

If you’ve been following along with the Daily lately, you’ll notice that we’ve been talking a lot about video. It’s the go-to social content for everyone right now.

If you’re serious about social media (you’re reading this newsletter so you probably are) then you gotta be serious about video content on social media.

One brand who’s all about video is Chubbies. Just watch this. (Really just wanted to link their aaamazingly hilarious synchronized swimming video in today’s Daily).

Anyway, today’s Listen features a podcast from Buffer. They put together a list of 21 Facebook and Instagram video tips. Here are our favorites:

  • (02:40) You have to have a gameplan before you start recording. Know what your goals are, and have a script outlined.
  • (03:37) Keep this word in mind when creating videos: Edutainment. Your content has to be educational and entertaining to have success.
  • (04:11) Just because you aren’t going viral, doesn’t mean your videos are successful.
  • (05:03) Be topical. No, not tropical, topical. Try whipping up quick videos about recent news in your industry.
  • (06:50) Adapt to the platform that you’re posting on. No one on Facebook is going to watch a salesy video.
  • (07:21) Edit your videos so that they’re square or vertical. Not horizontal. Say it again. Not. Horizontal.
  • (08:20) Use Instagram Stories as part of your video content plan!
  • (09:47) Use Instagram and Facebook Live, but only occasionally. Going overboard with it will cause people to tune out.
  • (10:23) Get your lighting on point! Filming with the overhead lights from your office is not a good plan. It’ll make your videos look cheap and amateurish.
  • (11:01) Make sure your sound doesn’t suck either. Add sound dampening to the room you’re filming in, even if it doesn’t sound echo-y at first.
  • (11:50) It’s worth the money to buy a tripod—even for Instagram Stories/Live.
  • (12:42) Put a ton of effort into the first 3-5 seconds of your video. If those few seconds aren’t good, you’ll lose people no matter how good the rest of your video is.

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Why You Should Consider Using Audio Ads

What’s the first thing you do when you hop in the car each morning? You likely fire up Spotify, a podcast, or just turn on the regular ol’ radio.

What about when you’re at the gym or cooking dinner? Probably the same thing, right?

See what’s happening? Audio is pretty dang important in our lives.

And since it’s real important, we gotta ask, are you using audio to reach potential customers? If not, maybe you should rethink that.

You could be reaching people throughout their entire daily routine based on everything from mood, location, and the device they are using.

How Does it Work?

Well, you’ve got two really easy options when it comes to targeting customers with audio ads: Pandora and Spotify.

Pandora just bought AdsWizz to begin using sequential messaging, across multiple formats and platforms including Spotify. This basically means that, as marketers, we will be able to serve listeners with an appetizing display ad, followed up by a savory video offering, and finished off with a sweet personalized audio ad.

A great example of contextually appropriate advertising comes from Canada Dry.

They ran a campaign around the concept of “relaxing harder.” The brand targeted people listening to one of Spotify’s “chill” playlists in afternoon. That’s usually around the time when people might not be working too hard (not us, of course).

The ginger ale giant used a combo of streaming audio, display, and video ads, as well as commercial-free “sponsored sessions” to reach their audience.

Even if you’re not ready to dive headfirst into Spotify ads, don’t let this stuff just go in one ear and out the other. With Alexa and Google Home becoming more and more popular, you can just about guarantee that those technologies will launch their own ad services soon.

We’ll leave you with a quick quote from the Managing Director of Digital Strategy at Mindshare:

“Brands and marketers need to start preparing for a new world order around voice and audio engagement—you need to invest in your audio identity the way you would your visual identity.”

Bring Back Wildhood

Anyone else ever dream of quitting their jobs and living in an RV full time? For real, give us nights under the stars and questionably sturdy tire swings any (and every) day of the week!

GoRVing Canada launched a recent campaign that visits the idea of #bringbackwildhood (love that pun/hashtag…puntag?) in an attempt to tap into the average adult’s inner child. They focused on questioning the things adults may take for granted every now and then.

Admittedly, we get sucked into the hustle and bustle of the rapidly-evolving marketing landscape. But, the good stuff happens when we tap into our inner child. Kids aren’t afraid to jump head first into the dirt. Here at Carney, that’s when the creative, out-of-the-box ideas happen.

“You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute”
Tina Fey

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