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Gold Star Campaigns ⭐

Snapchat Super Bowl ads.

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Leverage Super Bowl Campaigns on Snapchat

Snapchat analyzed brand lift data from 30 previous Super Bowl campaigns completed on the app and found that:

  • Super Bowl campaigns result in 1.2x ad awareness lift.
  • Super Bowl campaigns that used AR Lenses saw 1.5x ad awareness lift.
  • Super Bowl campaigns with exposure to multiple ad products result in 2.2x ad awareness lift and 2.9x action intent lift.

If you’re looking to generate buzz with a Super-Bowl adjacent campaign, consider these insights:

  • Use both text and voiceover to communicate direct calls to action, highlight key benefits, and feature deals.
  • For food/beverage campaigns, feature prominent shots of the product.
  • For sports betting, streaming, delivery, or utilities, drive better results with a celebrity or human presence, engaging storylines, and humor.

Check out more at Snapchat for Business.

Q for You

Have you been affected by a layoff in Q1 2024?

The StoryGraph

Hi, fellow book nerds. Are you ready to leave your toxic relationship with the GoodReads UX yet?

The StoryGraph is where the cool kids are. It’s a beautiful, social book tracker that puts your reading data to good use with insightful visualizations and personalized recommendations. Our favorite part is the mood metric, which categorizes books by their vibes, kind of like those hand-written shelf-talkers at your local bookstore. Go ahead and add an Ogilvy book to your list.


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Familiar Faces

Okay, Little Tikes!

If your first set of wheels was a Cozy Coupe, the iconic kiddo brand wants you to know that you’re in good company.

Little Tikes posted some childhood snaps of Jason and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift enjoying some familiar toys in the 90s. The post got ~300% more engagement than the brand is used to on IG — a swing and a hit.

Love it when a quiet player gracefully enters the chat right on time.

Before they were big, @killatrav, @jason.kelce and @taylorswift were Little Tikes. 🏈🎤#superbowl2024 #traviskelce #taylorswift

Thanks to Lindsay for sharing this with us in The Daily Carnage Facebook group.

Ads from the Past

Michelin, 1925

Michelin, 1925


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