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Hey, You

How to hook TikTok users.

5 Tips for TikTok Creator Ads

People trust TikTok creators, making them a great investment for brands looking to advertise on the platform. Keep these data-based tips in mind:

  1. Grab attention fast. 90% of ad recall impact and 80% of awareness impact is captured within the first 6 seconds. Best bet? Show a real person, first thing.
  2. Make a personal connection. TikTok users respond to approachable creators. Ads in which a creator greets the audience have a 112% uplift in brand recall. Say “you.”
  3. Show your product in use. Ads in which creators unbox, demo, or show off products throughout the video get a major boost.
  4. Use high-impact elements. Feature original or trending music, text overlay, and upbeat pacing to stay platform-appropriate.
  5. Don’t skip the CTA. On-screen, written CTAs saw a 205% boost in purchase intent.

Read the full report at CreatorIQ.

Q for You

Do you maintain a personal or professional blog?


Substack but for snail mail. Here’s how it works: your audience subscribes to your StampFans and, magically, one letter per month from you is posted—the old-fashioned way—to their real mailboxes. People are into personal, tangible connections, which is an opportunity for you to monetize your work without the logistical labor.

A table of cookies with animated gingerbread men

Cookie Horror

In this amusing Frito-Lay spot, Santa is psychologically tormented by the sheer volume and variety of Christmas cookies he’s responsible for putting away in one night. That is, until one homeowner offers him a bag of Lays potato chips—the snack you can happily have tons of—in exchange for a sneaky pic.

Ads from the Past

MakE it a "Hull Flavor" Christmas To Thome from Dad with Club Aluminum

Club Aluminum, 1946


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