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10 Instagram Best Practices You Should Be Following in 2020

Y’all made the decision and now we’re going to deliver the goods! Hootsuite rounded up 10 best practices for Instagram to take your efforts to the next level on the photo platform.

  1. Establish your business profile. And double down on what works to drive engagement, traffic, and sales with benefits like:
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Certify your authenticity with a verification badge
    • Access real-time data showing organic content performance
    • Launch and track ad campaigns
  2. Give your Instagram bio the attention it deserves. Capture the essence of your brand: who you are, what you offer, and why you’re different in 150 characters or less. Keep it basic or promote contests, deals, product launches, and more.
  3. Make it easy to do business with you. The unique option for Instagram is diving into Shoppable Content or add an action button to your business profile.
  4. Don’t let your creative get stale. Experiment with post types, media profiles, and editing tools to freshen-up your content.
    • Survey your followers.
    • Go behind the scenes, demo products, or walk users through tutorials.
    • Share your take on an important topic, or share your followers’ content.
    • Tell stories that amaze or inspire.
    • Experiment with video enhancement features – stickers, templates, gifs, etc – like the Create interface in your Stories camera
  5. Put the powerful engagement tool, Stories, to use. 
    • Aim for the unconventional with filters and drawing tools as well as video editing tools such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse.
    • Lean into that 24-hour limit by making an offer or invite so irresistible, people will be afraid to miss out on it.
    • Don’t neglect sound and treat viewers to a multisensory experience

Get 5 more practices from Hootsuite by clicking through!


Want to spruce up your Instagram with captivating mini videos? Give Boomerang a go. This nifty video app takes a burst of photos, then speeds them up and plays them forward and backward to create a looping video.

It’s Happening

Change can be difficult to deal with. Even when you know it’s for the best. It may be a new update on your phone, new cookie policies on websites, or waking up a bit earlier; they all require adjustment.

Metrolinx knows this. And since they’re about to revamp some of their transportation infrastructures, they’re making us aware of some of the changes we’re likely to face. You know, sort of like the changes you experienced during puberty.

Ads from the Past

1965, Pond’s

“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”

Toni Morrison


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