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Webinar Fatigue 😫

A sustainable webinar strategy.

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🍪 Sesame Street created over 200 GIFs and stickers. 

🖋️ Brands respond to the dawning of a new Taylor Swift album cycle. Or two.

🐔 Why would Chick Fil A forbid an employee from making positive review videos?

🟩 NYT is basically a gaming company now.

🦙 Have you noticed Meta’s AI Chatbot all up in your apps?

🗳️ How close are we to a U.S. TikTok ban, forreal?

AI Prompt: A plate of chocolate chip cookies. Oil painting.

A Sustainable Webinar Strategy

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Yes, webinars should be part of your content strategy. No, you don’t have to burn yourself out keeping the calendar full.

Tracey Wallace has sketched out a more sustainable, quarterly approach to webinars. 


  • Content: Thought Leadership & Trends
  • Stage: Top of funnel
  • Format: Panel Discussion/Q&A/Fireside Chat
  • Purpose: Universally relevant subject matter that attracts prospects at all stages of sales consideration
  • Participants: Panel of customers or influencers, moderated by the content team or executive sponsor


  • Content: Tactics & Tutorials
  • Stage: Middle-of-funnel
  • Format: Standard Presentation
  • Purpose: Showcase company’s expertise while providing value for prospects who are challenged by strategy and implementation
  • Participants: Presentation with 2–3 participants, usually a strategy implementation and success walk through by a partner


  • Content: Platform Buy-In and ROI Selling
  • Stage: Bottom-of-funnel
  • Format: Product Walkthrough/Demo
  • Purpose: Increase tool accessibility, trigger “aha” moments, and drive urgency
  • Participants: Product marketing-lead and moderated with sales-led demo at the end

Sound feasible? Head to Workweek for a recommended distribution strategy.

Q for You

Are webinars part of your content strategy?

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Heineken Boring Phone

It Has Speed Dial!

Heineken announced a limited release of The Boring Phone, an Internet un-abled flip phone that won’t drain your social battery.

It has one week of standby time, 20 hours of talk time, a retro transparent body, and almost no cool features.

If you miss the drop, you can make your phone boring with Heineken’s app, coming this June.

Ads from the Past

Taylor Swift, 2006

Taylor Swift, 2006


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