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Oops…wrong message

Where’s our 10-minute window?

Be in the Know

  • You have 10 minutes. The timer starts now! Facebook is now giving users 10 minutes to unsend messages. Whether you had too many margaritas or just sent the wrong message, you’ll now have a window to right your wrong.
  • The front page of the internet (aka Reddit) could hit a $3b valuation very soon. The 13-year-old company with over 330 million monthly active users (#goals) is raising a series D round between $150m-$300m.

Do You Really Know Your Audience?

We’re featuring one of our own today. Mark Rogers, our director of marketing knows a thing or two about audience development. In today’s read, Mark shares the importance of understanding your audience.

Great marketing is a lot like building a pyramid…

Your audience is the foundation. You have to start by completely understanding them before you work on your strategy or execution. Strategy is the 2nd layer of the pyramid. Once you understand your audience, only then can you build a strategy.

And execution is the top piece. You can’t execute without strategy and you can’t have a strategy if you don’t understand your audience in the first place. It’s, unfortunately, common to get this completely upside down.

We want more…

You’re likely being pressured from some outside forces to show results ASAP. Maybe you read a blog post that said if you just do this one little trick, your Facebook ad results will skyrocket. Tempting, right? Don’t fall into the trap!

Take time to learn…

  1. Sit in on sales calls with your sales team. Pay attention to the questions their prospects ask and how the sales team answers them.
  2. Spend time with customer service too. You can learn a ton from both happy and dissatisfied customers.
  3. Talk to your customers. For real. Reach out to 10 or 15 customers and ask if you can just talk to them for 15 minutes.
  4. Read the full article by clicking the link below

Fast Screencasts

Sometimes you gotta share your screen. Whether it’s a quick tutorial, an IT issue, you name it.

Say hello to Recordit; a free screencast recording app. The best part about it…no editing skills are required. Just download it, open and click record.

What we like: The free version is plenty sufficient. As soon as you stop recording, it spits out a link. We ran a test recording. Check it out here.

What we don’t like: It might take a couple minutes to export the recording based on the length of the video. Be patient.

Do You Like Surprises?

Alright folks! We asked, you answered. The #1 Super Bowl commercial according to our FB group

Ads from the Past

This ad from 1965 marks a turning point in Honda’s marketing strategy. It was the point where they finally figured out who their audience in the US was.


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