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SEO Homework ✍️

Your 2024 to-dos.

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SEO Checklist for 2024

Here are the SEO considerations that should be top of mind for a new year:

  • Outline the potential strategic moves, new products, markets, audiences and pivots your brand or business may take this year.
  • Keep an eye on industry and economic trends and predictions for the year.
  • Consider how the way customers search or buy your product or service may have changed.
  • Map out your key competitors to include new players.
  • Do an old fashioned SEO SWOT.
  • Review your best and worst performing content across formats and channels.
  • Consider your preferred tools and reports — what can you optimize>
  • Find opportunities where you can embrace AI.
  • Ask for feedback from the recipients of your SEO reports to refine.
  • Review your team of partners, freelancers, and colleagues. Is everyone set up for success?
  • Ensure that your keywords are still relevant and align with user intent.
  • Build out your content roadmap for each quarter.
  • Review your website health and technical SEO.
  • Ask yourself why your target publications will want to talk about your business in 2024.
  • Communicate with other teams and departments to align on goals.

Dive deeper into each task at Search Engine Land.

Smash or Pass

Honda debuted a new minimalist logo for its “0 Series” of electric cars.

A minimalist white H mark on a purple gradient backdrop

Writer Ads

Take a free peek at the Facebook and Instagram ads of some of the most successful email newsletters with Writer Ads. Get a quick look at live ad schedules, platforms, creative, and ad versions to understand the strategies competitors are testing out.

A hand scrolls through a list of Netflix profiles called Norma

Do I Contradict Myself?

You contain multitudes, and your Netflix home screen is a testament to that. This spooky new spot might have been an exploration of choice paralysis and a criticism of infinite consumption. Instead, it’s a celebration of all your selves, even the one who secretly enjoys watching Emily in Paris when your partner is away at a work thing.

Ads from the Past

Seven good reasons for two FORDS To free their family from one-car captivity the Bremers got two Fords: a Country Sedan and a Thunderbird_the car that inspired the styling and performance of all '56 Fords.

Ford, 1956


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