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Quick SEO Fixes

Boost organic traffic with these 7 tests.

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7 Winning SEO Tests

SearchPilot has shared 7 case studies from their customers that demonstrate the success of various SEO tests.

In a customer case study…

  1. Increasing the number of linked-to article pages on each content hub page resulted in an 11% increase in organic traffic.
  2. Adding internal category links to the home page footer resulted in a 5% increase in organic traffic.
  3. Localizing ecommerce product content from the UK market for the US market resulted in a 24% increase in organic traffic.
  4. Adding “[Month] [Year]” to title tags resulted in a 5% increase in organic traffic.
  5. Adding content optimized for featured snippets resulted in a 25% increase in organic traffic.
  6. Putting the brand at the front of title tags resulted in a 15% increase in organic traffic.
  7. Removing the tabs and accordions that conceal product info on initial page load resulted in a 12% increase in organic traffic.

Check out the full post at SearchPilot.

Q for You

Apple or Android?

Cold Mail Bot

Now you can assign your least favorite task to a bot. This one will scan prospect websites and grab lead info for you, generate personalized email copy, and auto-send on a consistent and strategic schedule.

Golden Ticket

Have you ever noticed that Corona bottles display the unique time of their production?

In an effort to own the best time of day—and to draw your attention to the perceived craftsmanship of the product—the brand is giving away trips to paradise for customers whose bottle timestamps are closest to the exact time of sunset.


Every bottle is an opportunity to unlock the sunset

Ads from the Past

Cuddle up with muppet babies

McDonald’s, 1988


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