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Where Do Your Loyalties Lie?

Retention tips and tools to make sure your customers remain loyal.

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True or False: It costs 5x to 25x more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one?

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26 Effective Ways for Improving Your Customer Retention Rate

It takes a lot of work convincing strangers to visit your store or even your website. In fact, getting new customers cost quite a bit more than retaining existing ones. According to Databox, we’re talking 5x to 25x more. (To all y’all who picked true; nice job!)

The big lesson? Never take existing customers for granted. To make sure we’re keeping happy customers, Databox offered a whopping 26 ways to improve your customer retention rate.

  • Map out all customer touchpoints. Grab a pencil and paper, or draw it out on a whiteboard, and physically lay it all out. Focus on touchpoints throughout a 90-day period of service. Then tweak and optimize your strategy, apply your changes, and revisit every 6-months.
  • Build out your onboarding process. This one dances on the line between new acquisitions and retaining existing customers, but the main point is very important: first impressions matter. Providing a seamless experience right off the bat will pay off long term.
  • Create content to help existing customers. Let your customers know you can help them beyond just providing a product or service. Provide content exploring new and different ways they can use your products or make checklists to assist their own workflow.
  • Set up a referral program. Referral programs help you gain new customers and ensure existing customers stick around. It’s a win-win. Offer discounts or upgrades to products as referral bonuses. Taking advantage of these bonuses will only work if the redeemer is a customer, so it works out for everybody.
  • Pick up the phone. We’re all flooded with emails and social media posts, and ignoring the phone is all too easy. Picking up when customers call is such a valuable way you can strengthen a relationship. They’ll know just how committed you are in providing help when needed.

There are 21 more excellent customer retention tips in here, so read them all.


Retaining customers requires a thorough understanding of your own processes and all customer touchpoints. Knowing the customer experience is necessary so you may continue improving upon it. Smartlook gives a concrete look into a large part of the customer experience – visiting your website.

Smartlook records user sessions on your desktop and mobile site so you can glimpse into what they do when they visit. This allows an understanding of everything happening between clicks. Get breakdowns of where people drop off in your funnel and rest assured knowing data and analytics captured apply retroactively from the moment you implement Smartlook.

Emotional Badass podcast episode: Limits, Intuition, Self Respect and Letting Go

This podcast from Nikki Eisenhauer, M.ED. LPC, LCDC is centered around compassion and helping people in need. This episode explores the process of turning sensitivity from what feels like a hindrance into a powerful asset.

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Things have really slowed down this past year, but nothing seems to have halted. People carry on the best they can and find the silver linings in each and every day.

Jet encourages us to keep on moving in this neat road trip themed ad. Everyone loves some good tunes during a road trip. For most, that means loading up a Spotify playlist or a favorite radio station. This guy takes it to the next level.

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