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Ready for Shorts season?

YouTube Shorts & enabling employees to share content.

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What Marketers Need to Know About YouTube Shorts

It’s a fast-paced world. So many things to do and places to be! It’s no wonder people are drawn to quick news snippets and short-form video content. There’s so much we want to know and only so much time to take it all in.

YouTube Shorts is one of the latest ways to digest small pieces of content, and Hubspot is telling us what marketers need to know about it.

 Let’s start with what makes YouTube Shorts different from its competitors.

  • Short-form creators could see a bigger reach. YouTube is the 2nd largest website in the world. There’s a massive audience for YouTube, and Shorts is a new offering within this already established platform. If you already have a following on YouTube with your long-form content, then keep delivering this sort of content for your community. You can supplement this content with Shorts to fill in gaps in the long-form content you share.
  • YouTube Shorts could be less vulnerable than other viral platforms. The case between TikTok and the US government in 2020 kept many on the edges of their seats. While it looks like tensions with TikTok have relaxed for the most part, the situation might still be disconcerting to some. New players have barriers to overcome, while established players have already proven themselves. YouTube isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which appeals to content creators.

How to Prepare for YouTube Shorts

  • Optimize Short YouTube Videos. For any videos you create under 60 seconds, add #shorts to the description to identify it. Shorts has yet to fully launch, but this can help your videos get featured in the Shorts library.
  • Identify Short-Form Topics. What are some gaps in your content you can address in a quick video? Quick tips and how-tos are perfect for shorts.
  • Audit Your Short-Form Videos. If you’re already creating short-form videos for other platforms, then you should easily be able to tweak them for Shorts. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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