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Rise and Wine🍷

Wine of the month is back, plus best practice recap for Twitter, Google Analytics, and others


What company owns Ben & Jerry's?

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What We Learned

Monday: Hootsuite’s showed us best practices in creating Instagram Highlight Covers offering advice like sticking to your brand’s aesthetic, efficiently delivering your message, highlighting the Stories that matter most, and more.

Tuesday: Databox shared 24 underrated and seriously effective Google Analytics features. Get a better idea of how users interact with your site with Event Tracking. And learning how to block your company’s IP Address this way your team doesn’t skew your data.

Wednesday: If you’re looking to keep projects organized and on-task at all levels, a project charter is the best system to use. And ClickUp gave us tips to make one.

  • The starting section should display the project name, the date, and the project owner.
  • Define the purpose by focusing on your goals and what is driving you toward those goals.
  • Identify key risks, assumptions, constraints, and dependencies.
  • Determine what you will and will not deliver with this project.

Thursday: Helping us shed light on the text-based social platform, Agorapulse gave the best practices for all things Twitter. From taking advantage of original content through bite-sized, digestible posts to cultivating a community by retweeting or commenting on industry influencers, and partners you work with.

Join the Community

Emily wants to know, “Does anyone have recommendations on software for collecting reviews/feedback (not on google/fb, just internally). For a very small business, must be cost-effective…”

Tyler asked, “Just curious. Who’s connected to the biggest brands in here? Anybody working for household names with some cool stories?”

Catherine needs some advice, “Has anyone advertised on HULU? I’m working with a virtual school and they have a decent ad budget for open enrollment this spring. We traditionally run primarily Google/Facebook ads, but got access to the HULU beta – any best practices or things to watch out for?”

Marta wants help with Yelp, “…has anyone seen POSITIVE results from becoming a PAID biz page? Many say it has gotten worse for your biz after you started to pay.. help! Need to make a decision for my client.”

Wine of the Month with Bright Cellars

Halloween season is upon us and that means fully indulging in everything spooky. We’re talking about karaoking to “I Put a Spell on You”, secretly swiping one (or ten) candies meant for trick or treaters, and enjoying great tasting wine!

Just for us, Bright Cellars is offering 50% off your first box (yep, you read that right – 50% off for Carnies).

Love trying new wines, or want to change up your usual? Our friends at Bright Cellars recommend Watchkeeper Tempranillo this month. It’s the perfect red wine to sip and keep warm as the chilly weather of October begins. Keep reading for details on Watchkeeper.

Inspired by two mysterious statues appearing along Route 66 in the middle of the Mojave desert, Watchkeeper Tempranillo’s full-bodied red combines notes of vanilla with bright fruits such as raspberry and strawberry to create a flavor that is just as mysterious and intriguing as the tale it is named after. 

Not convinced Watchkeeper is the hauntingly delicious wine for you? Bright Cellars has a short, 7-question quiz that matches wine to your taste preferences — and they even deliver it right to your door every month. Smash that button to check out Bright Cellars and grab yourself a subscription (if you dare🍷👻).

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