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How to gram in ’24.

Hope this lands better than that Golden Globes monologue.

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How to Beat The Instagram Algo in 2024

New year, new gram. These are Flick’s tips for beating the Instagram algorithm this year:

  1. Create Video Content & Carousels. Static images are easier to scroll past.
  2. Think Beyond Likes. Saves and shares on a post are better metrics to measure value.
  3. Get into Reels. Aligning your priorities with the platform’s priorities is always a good idea.
  4. Hashtags. Using just one hashtag on your post boosts your interactions by 29%.
  5. Encourage Interactions & Conversations. UGC is a cost-effective way to build community.
  6. Promote Your Content Through Multiple Channels. Repost your most recent Reel on your Stories, for example, and take advantage of joint posts.
  7. Be Consistent. Set a schedule you can stick to.
  8. Measure Your Successes (And Failures). Set clear targets and measure your KPIs so you know when to stay or change course.
  9. Work on Your Visuals. Keep to a broad theme with visually cohesive filters and color stories.
  10. Improve Your Captions. Captions with few words and lots of emojis seem to perform best.
  11. Don’t Delete and Repost. Instead, adapt the concept into a new format.
  12. Geotag (When Relevant).
  13. Engage with Other Accounts. It’s still a social media platform.

Check out the Flick blog for more.

Q for You

What's your Instagram content ratio look like?


It’s a link-in-bio provider! But it’s drag-and-drop-dead gorgeous. Instead of a wall of links, Bento takes users to a customizable board of widgets, featuring your newsletter, your blog, your videos, your streams, you name it. A little ecosystem of you, if you will.

A blind person wears dark sunglasses and uses an Apple phone to identify objects in a room

The Greatest

Apple’s film “The Greatest” has won a Creative Arts Emmy in the primetime commercial category, and it’s well deserved. The directing centers people using the brand’s assistive technology to navigate their lives and create art, without a filter of melodrama or nobility. The spot simply bears witness to the fact that people with mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities empower themselves, and access amplifies them.

Ads from the Past

Dingo, 1970s


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