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The Art of Scheduling

100 Shopify store strategies & the power of nicknames.

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Do you use an automated scheduling tool to lock down meeting times?

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100 Ways To Grow Your Shopify Store: The Marketing Secrets You Should Steal In 2021

Many things in life are tried and true. Maybe it’s your 7:00 AM coffee that always sets you up for a productive day. If that’s the case, maybe 10 cups of coffee will make your day 10 times more productive! (Spoiler alert: it won’t.) Or maybe you do have a killer welcome email, but you can’t just send that for every engagement.

You can double down on things that work, but for best results you’ll want a diverse set of best practices. Luckily, Privy has a killer list of 100 ways to grow your Shopify store and the marketing secrets you should steal in 2021. 

  • Tell your story. Stories sell. Master your own story and let it be known. Keep a long version on your website’s about page and even include it as a card in a customer’s first order. Tailor a shorter version to send along in emails to customers. Lastly, craft a 1-sentence version of your story to back up your marketing messaging.
  • Make sure you have these 2 types of popups.
    • A welcome offer can set you up for a great customer relationship. Reward people for visiting your website and offer an incentive to purchase such as a discount or free shipping code. Just make sure you present this popup after your visitor has had a few moments to see your site. Also, make sure the code can easily be found on your site so visitors won’t abandon you while searching for it.
    • A cart saver is the extra nudge to encourage shoppers to check out now. Don’t let your cart go abandoned. Sweeten the deal you provided in your welcome offer and you’ll see quicker conversions.
  • Try a unique coupon code instead. A code like “FREESHIP21” could be a master coupon code every visitor to your site can see. But using a unique code like “58U-TT7-B6T” allows you to personalize your offer and even build urgency by including an expiration date.

…take one down, pass it around, 97 Shopify tips on the wall…(seriously, this is just scratching the surface. Check them all out!)


Managing time takes up time in and of itself. Trying to find times to meet with others is a struggle for many with conflicting calendars. Let FreeBusy do the legwork for you.

This tool pulls available times from your calendar so others can schedule meetings whenever works best. Set it up to reference all your team members’ calendars and set meetings, reschedule, or cancel with ease.


Do you have a nickname? If so, do you like it? Some nicknames are fun for everyone, but some just stick with you ever since you slipped on a slice of pizza in your elementary school cafeteria.

Snickers shares this ad featuring a nickname not everyone is in on. It’ll probably take more than a candy bar to make things right with this new team member.

Ads from the Past

1921, Creme Simone

“A small list that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.”

Ramsay Leimenstoll


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