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Streaming ads and of course we have a gym ad for you for the New Year.

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Understanding CTV vs. OTT Streaming Ads

We all know traditional TV is on the outs in favor of digital streaming options. With that, advertising has had to adapt to our new media habits. So let’s break down the big differences and benefits to two streaming advertising methods: Connected TV (CTV) ads and Over-the-Top (OTT) ads.

Here’s your snapshot:

So let’s break it down even more…

  • Digitilized TV Vs. Linear TV: First, what’s the difference between then TV types? Traditional, or linear TV, is broadcasting content live directly to the TV receiver and usually means subscribing to the traditional cable or satellite provider to access the content. Advertisers purchase specific spots for the content. Digital television is the streaming of television using digital encoding, and advertisers can instead purchase spots based on a user or group as well as content-specific spots.
  • What is CTV? Connected TVs are TVs that are connected to the internet or devices (like Roku) that connect to internet-enabled apps. Connected TV (CTV) ads are often shippable ads that embed targeted advertising into user interfaces.
  • What Is OTT? OTT or “over-the-top” content is pulled directly from the internet and streamed. OTT providers include Netflix and Hulu, but many networks are also launching their own OTT services such as Disney+.
  • Understanding CTV Vs. OTT Terms: OTT is the content delivery method (like Netflix) and CTV is an internet-connected device (like Apple TV). Both of these can include things like in-stream video ads, interactive pre-roll ads, and home screen placement ads.

Here’s another snapshot on those platforms:

For more examples and details on streaming ads depending on platforms, check out Adcore’s full article.

Q for You

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Hey, Stranger

Back when Airbnb got started, people thought the idea of letting strangers in your home couldn’t possibly work. Well, it turns out sharing homes with one another hasn’t been so strange. Airbnb released this ad with some funny, furry, strange-looking creatures that are enjoying a holiday hosted by an Airbnb. It’s cute and makes us want to hit up our own little mountain getaway.

Ads from the Past

1962, Moet

“Personalization can be taken in different perspectives, but it’s not about putting someone’s name in the ad or addressing something that’s really personal to them. It’s about providing value.”

Oz Etzioni


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