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The GA4 Consensus

Folks aren’t feeling it.

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Key Takeaways From Our GA4 Survey

Last week, we launched The GA4 User Experience Survey to get a read on the room as we near the end of Q3. Here are some key takeaways from the data:

  • 60% of respondents transitioned to GA4 some time in 2023.
  • 37.5% of respondents use GA4 on a weekly basis, and 32.5% use it daily.
  • 40% of respondents say they’re unsatisfied with GA4. 
  • The vast majority of respondents feel that GA4 has not enhanced their workflow.
  • Users’ most commonly reported issues were UI / design (75%), missing reports and metrics (70%), report creation (60%), and data discrepancies / sampling (57.5%).

The general consensus?

“UA was highly intuitive, GA4 is much less so. It wasn’t a simple upgrade—it was a complete overhaul requiring training and adapting time that no one has time for.”

“It’s like learning an entirely new language. The refinement of metrics is nice but to change the reporting style and naming makes it incredibly challenging.”

“When I compare GA4 to UA we see troubling discrepancies, and other analytics tools point at UA as being correct.”

Is GA4 an opportunity for growth or a failed experiment? Check out MarTech to explore 5 common criticisms of GA4—and how to move forward.

Smash or Pass

Babybel has collaborated with Hasbro to create a cheesier version of Candy Land.

A classic Candyland board game updated to include Babybel inspired cheese characters and new gameplay

Screen Studio

This MacOS tool creates polished screen recordings for your promo videos, tutorials, demos, and other projects. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface and baked-in features—like automatic zoom and branding options—make editing simple and flexible. Record an entire display, a single window, a defined area, or a device, and add the audio input of your choice. You can even export your screen recordings as GIFs.

GA4 Like a Pro

We’re teaming up with Steve Lamar from Really Good Data to discuss GA4 in a live webinar: the good, the bad, the basics, and the nitty gritty. Don’t miss this one.

GA4 Like a Pro: Build Confidence in The New Age of Analytics with Steve Lamar, founder of Really Good Data

Octavia Spencer points a finger at a room full of Apple employees

Mother Nature Wants Answers

A major tech brand holding itself accountable for its own sustainable promises? Cool. Octavia Spencer playing the role of Mother Nature herself requesting a detailed status report on Apple’s green initiatives? Brilliant.

Ads from the Past

Swiss Miss, 1977

Swiss Miss, 1977


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