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The Raw You

Why it’s crucial to show more of the real you in your business. Plus, the best lead gen tips for B2B brands.

How to 10X Your Results with 3 Mega Simple Strategies with Marie Forleo

A big title for a big episode. Amy Porterfield teams up with one of her first mentors and long-time pal Marie Forleo to discuss how getting more results for your business requires “more of you and less of all the tools you think you need to succeed online.”

If you’re not hip to Marie, she’s a life coach, motivational speaker, web television host, and owner of B-School. Oprah once called her a thought leader for the next generation. She was also a judge alongside Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris at the Shopify Build-A-Bigger Business event.

Inside of her business, B-School, she has graduated over 40,000 entrepreneurs from 160 industries. Yeah, she’s extremely dope.

Marie has an uncanny ability to help people uncover what’s holding them back from getting results. So if you feel overwhelmed or overstretched, this episode might just be exactly what you need. Jump to 09:00 to get to Amy and Marie’s conversation. 

  • (10:00) Why running faster and faster and working harder and harder won’t get you the results you want 
  • (10:30) What is going to help people get the edge in 2018 
  • (12:00) What it means to show the raw, real you (in copy, photos, opinions, videos, etc.)
  • (13:40) Why a polished, perfect look and online presence can actually lead to way fewer conversions
  • (17:20) How Marie shook up her longtime video show with a little something called “Marie Unplugged”
  • (20:45) Don’t spend a lot of money on production
  • (21:45) What it looks like to show up as the raw, real you
  • (22:20) A real unscripted moment Marie had on the streets of New York
  • (23:25) Marie and Amy’s 24-hour challenge for you
  • (25:20) Why you need to be choosing email over social media
  • (28:40) Why email marketing is not just a trend and why, if you’re not prioritizing email, you are putting your business in long-term jeopardy
  • (31:30) How writing email trains you to become a more effective writer and a more effective marketer
  • (35:00) Marie’s old-school (and charmingly funny) way she formed her email list in 1999/2000
  • (35:40) One of the most underrated and overlooked traits for creatives and entrepreneurs
  • (37:50) Why you should adopt the core belief that “there’s always more where that came from” and what you can do on a more tactical level
  • (40:00) Embracing “active sales prevention” — what it is and why it’s important
  • (42:45) How Marie took her B-School refund rate from 19% to less than 2% (whoa)
  • (51:30) Why pleasing everyone just produces boring content and doesn’t reflect the real you
  • (52:00) The lowdown on B-School — what it is and why Marie started it

Keep up with these gals by following along in the transcript, provided here.

How B2B Brands Can Generate Better Leads

If you’ve ever worked in B2B, you know how contentious the relationship between sales and marketing can be. Marketing is always busting their butts to get qualified leads and the sales team is always complaining that the leads aren’t good enough.

Good news for you today: it doesn’t have to be this way! We’re setting you on the track to success with some unique lead-gen ideas from marketing pro, Ross Simmonds.

  • Consider Account-Based Marketing (ABM). We’ve talked about this in the past, but here’s a refresher if you need it. ABM is an approach to marketing where you market to an organization, rather than an individual in an organization. Making a sale in B2B means that you need buy-in from multiple people. It makes sense to start getting that buy-in before you’ve even started the sale.
  • Look at B2B events. Public speaking is a great way for B2B brands to generate leads, but it’s not the only way you can do lead-gen at conferences. Most conferences now have Facebook Groups or pages associated with them. Find those pages for conferences in your industry, and start networking within those groups. Here’s an example of this in action.
  • Geo-location advertising. The great thing about events is that you know where they’re at. Use that knowledge to create Facebook ads that target people attending specific events in your industry. Pair the ad with copy that fits the event and a great piece of content that ties in.
  • Create content based on the conference. Do round-up blog posts, infographics, videos, one-on-one interviews. So many options here. One example.
  • Leave the gated content behind. Or at least use less of it. If you want to attract a large audience, forget gates. Let people view a ton of your content without having to enter their info.

There’s a lot more to read in this blog post ↓

Fork, Yeah!

When you’re the “International House of Pancakes” it might be hard to convince people that you have more to offer. That’s where Droga5 comes in, creating IHOP’s latest spot, “The Wanderer.”

Aforementioned wanderer is portrayed as a character more suited for Westworld’s western world — scruffy, rag-clad, and with a horse in tow. Finding a literal fork in the road, he is plagued by a decision: to eat pancakes or an omelet.

A man watering his grass quickly derails the old-timey scene the ad actually taking place in a modern suburb. He tells the wanderer what’s up — that you don’t have to choose. Some good laughs follow thanks to the odd pair of men displaced by time.

“The real you is what people want….People want to do business with another human they can relate to, someone who them all of who they are: the ups, the downs, the lefts, the rights, the good, and the bad.”
Marie Forleo

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