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Fitbits for Cows

Plus, we got the scoop from MozCon ’17.

If you’ve been with us for a minute, you know by now how much we love serving up the coolest and latest marketing tools. We’ve got a new favorite for you today, and it deserves a major shout out.

It’s called Scopio, and it’s filled with stunning, user-contributed photos that you can use instead of ever — and we mean ever— resorting to cheesy stock photo sites like iStock.

Scopio is kind of like harnessing the power of Influencers for content, but without the back-and-forth for approval. They handle it all for you.

Get authentic visual content fast. Check out what they’re all about riiiiiight here.

Email List Building

We preach it all the time, but you really gotta build up a strong email list. It’s more important than having a big Facebook following because you don’t own those FB followers. Like we’ve seen, when Facebook changes their algorithm, people stop seeing your updates.

Email is simpler. It’s direct. There are no fancy algorithms. As long as you’re creating serious value, people will open your emails.

Today’s Listen is going to help you build up that email list. We’ll let the folks at Brand Newsroom take it away…

  • (1:49) Exit popups are the lowest hanging fruit to get new subscribers because it doesn’t distract from the visitor’s experience. Although, we’re not actually the biggest fan of them here at the Carnage. It’s like, “please don’t leave, we’ll do anything…”
  • (4:09) But, exit popups do have a 9% conversion rate so use your judgment on implementing one of those things.
  • (4:32) The core fundamental of a landing page is having no distractions. Make it simple and clear to convert on. Don’t give people links to other things, don’t give them anywhere to scroll, just give the offer.
  • (5:00) Optimize your landing pages for search. You can actually get a landing page to rank highly in Google which means a continual flow of new subscribers.
  • (6:55) You should give away content to people who will never, ever buy from you. Look at celebrity chefs, for example, they’re hugely successful yet they still give away recipes and cooking tips fo’ free.
  • (9:07) How do you find your lead magnet (the content that actually drives new subscribers)? It’s usually right under your nose. It’s the things that you’re talking about in 1:1 communication with your customers.

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Pros and MozCons: 5 Insights from MozCon 2017

If you’re bummed you couldn’t attend MozCon this year (or ever ::sob::), Joelle Irvine, Director of Marketing and Growth at Bookmark is giving us the scoop in today’s Read. Obviously, she came back with a wealth of insights and advances shaping content marketing.

Machine learning was heavy on the bill, with an emphasis on how marketers need to get creative on how to adapt because, as she puts it, “trying to rank with keywords isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

Below are just 3 of these insights gleaned from the ‘Con, so it’s worth diving in for a closer look.

  1. Featured Snippets dominate mobile screens.
    • Ya know, those short answer summaries at the top of your Google search results.
    • They take up a lot of real estate on mobile, so Snippets is where you want to be.
    • Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz suggests experimenting with Inverted Pyramids to get featured.
  2. Paid Social: What happens they love your content but not your email?
    • Create a custom audience of subscribers that don’t open emails and post targets content ads in their social feeds.
    • Leverage best performing click-through ads as CPM campaigns on LinkedIn.
    • Audience can then be retargeted through AdWords.
  3. APIs + AI + Big Data = Personalization
    • With Google Assistance, “Googling it” will no longer provide you with a long list of possible answers. It provides THE best answer based on your own personal data in combination with Google’s data and search algorithm. One-part amazing, one-part Big Brother is Watching…

Putting Fitness Trackers on Cows

Seems like every food company is pushing the idea that their food is organic, GMO-free, grass-fed, gluten-free, etc. etc. But most of those companies are pretty much just lying.

Organic Valley, an actual organic food brand, is fighting back against all of the fakers with their new campaign where they put fitness trackers on cows. Why? To prove that their cows actually do get to walk around fields. Surprisingly, Organic Valley cows walk more than most people.

Completely unrelated, but we just figured out a way to beat our friends’ step counts for the week. ::heads to the nearest dairy farm::

Anyway, we really like Organic Valley’s honest approach with their newest campaign.

“Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”
Jay Baer

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