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An Account-Based Marketing Cheat Sheet

We know you’re not gonna wanna hear this, but we’ve gotta say it…

Inbound marketing, on its own, is nearly impossible. With at least 2-million blog posts published every day, good luck standing out. That’s where Account-Based Marketing (ABM) picks up the slack.

We know, that sounds a little intimidating, but it isn’t. ABM is just taking what you’re already doing, and reframing it. Take that same content and get it in front of a carefully curated niche so that your conversion rates are through the roof.

Think of it this way: rather than creating a campaign for 10,000 potential customers with a 1% conversion rate, you’re going to be creating a personalized campaign for 1,000 people with a 20% conversion rate. You’ll like everything about those numbers.

Okay, let’s get into it:

  1. Prospect on LinkedIn. This part is labor-intensive, but it’s what is going to set you apart from your competitors. LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B data. You’re going to want to find companies who can actually use your services. From there, you can run ads to these people with content that would help solve their problems. It will be a small audience, but that’s good.
  2. Use Facebook’s custom audiences. It’s possible that you’ll have better luck on Facebook with ABM. After all, most adults are on the platform. Get specific with your custom audience. Really specific. If you want to target Fortune 500 CEO’s, you can do that, but even that is too wide of a net. Narrow it down by using everything you know about your best customers.
  3. Get creative. ABM isn’t limited to just digital ads. Direct mail is one of the arrows that should be in your ABM quiver. Here’s a killer example from LavOnline of a direct-mail campaign they did. From that campaign, they saw a 32% increase in account signups, a 15% increase in site traffic, and an 8% final conversion rate within just four weeks. Drool-worthy numbers…

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