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Apple’s landing page secrets.

Happy birthday to the Corvette, Poppy the Sailor Man, and Benjamin Franklin.

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Apple’s 8 Secrets to Landing Page Copy

When you think of the perfect product landing page, Apple makes the list every time. Here’s how to replicate the brand’s recipe:

  1. You guessed it. Understand your target audience.
  2. Mine their lingo from forums and Facebook groups.
  3. Use this language in your landing page titles and hook sentences. Apple uses pop culture and puns to speak to the moment of a product era.
  4. Build social proof and customer reviews, and use those in your header section.
  5. Leverage your value proposition to cut through the noise.
  6. Get technical if that’s your audience’s thing. Apple knows professionals get excited by CPU performance and Neural Engines, so they don’t talk down.
  7. Make it easy for customers to imagine the product in their hands with 3D renders and VR. Allow people to explore the product and its components.
  8. Tie in your product with your entire eco-system with soft-sells throughout.

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What a time to be alive!

Tropicana Orange Juice made a limited run of product with a modified label, removing the letters “A” and “I” from the brand name in a stunt to “highlight the fact that there is nothing artificial, and never has been anything artificial” in its OJ.

The brand has been losing market share in recent years as folks opt for trendy little pressed juices instead of your mama’s run-of-the-mill carton.

The bottles will be hitting shelves, and we’ll find out if the strategy was worth the squeeze with young professionals or if it just deeply confuses its core customers.

A Tropicana carton of orange juice in which the brand name is spelled without the letters "a" or "i"

Ads from the Past

Refresh without filling

Pepsi, 1956


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