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Too Long, Didn’t Read

Hot tips for web writing.

Writing for The Web

The UX Cookbook has whipped up a quick guide for web writing, which is especially handy because it’s written precisely following its own rules, such as:

  • Edit and revise the day after you write.
  • Use lists and numbered instructions.
  • Use fragments and phrases and one-sentence paragraphs.
  • Add pictures and other visual elements.
  • Employ useful headings, like questions and verb phrases.
  • Think journalism, not academic writing. Start with the conclusion.
  • Use active voice, personal pronouns, action verbs.
  • Use parallelisms and patterns.
  • Choose words that people know.
  • Make your links descriptive.

Check out the post for an example of how these tricks work in tandem.

Q for You

What's your copy revision process?


“@Eesel, do we have a process for this?” Eesel uses ChatGPT to integrate with your company’s knowledge hub—like Notion or Google Docs—and build an oracle that can answer any question over Slack or Microsoft Teams. So you don’t have to interrupt your favorite coworker for the sixth time today.

Volt 2023

Cool Cats

Cats are pretty cool, but they’d be cooler if they could DJ your party, help you with homework, and play video games. That’s where Volt comes in. For you, not the cat. To be clear, don’t give your cat an energy drink.

Ads from the Past

National Biscuit Company

National Biscuit Company, 1919


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