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Books. Ever Heard of ‘Em?

Marketing books as far as the eye can see.

100 Books Every Marketer Should Read

Happy Friday, y’all! Since it’s Friday, we figured you could use something a little less actionable, but still really useful. So how about a huge list of the best marketing books from our pals over at DigitalMarketer?

We’re just going to get right to it. Why bother with a lengthy intro? You all know what books are.

Our favorites from their list:

  • Ogilvy on Advertising – This should be on the must-read list for every marketer. Among other things, this book talks about how to write amazing copy, how to get people to read your copy, and why research is so dang important. This may have been published in 1983, but it’s still so relevant.
  • The Boron Letters – This book is our Editor’s bible. It’s by a guy named Gary Halbert, who if you haven’t heard of him, was the greatest direct-response copywriter to ever live. And if you ask us, direct-response is the hardest type of copy to write. So many amazing insights on copywriting in this one. Fair warning: this book isn’t written like a traditional book. It’s actually a collection of letters.
  • Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – In this book, Donald Miller explains the universal elements of powerful stories. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to leverage storytelling in your marketing, this is the book for you.
  • Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. Yes, this book is about building a product, but there’s a ton to learn about marketing here too. You can use the “Hook Method,” explained in this book, to hook your audience into your content.
  • Purple Cow: Transform Your Business. You knew we had to include a Seth Godin book on this list, and this one happens to be our favorite. This book is all about ways to make your company, and your marketing efforts, stand out from the noise of everyone else.

Still 95 more to go! You’re gonna want to bookmark this post…

Email is King

Our Daily Carnage team is very pro email. Heck, our CMO literally had an Email is Not Dead t-shirt made. We got some serious dedication to email marketing.

We’re straying from the usual Read to bring you a – wait for it…an infographic!

Yeah, every now and again we like to shake things up a smidge. MarketingProfs is giving us a few reasons why you should invest in email marketing.

1) It drives conversions. In 2017 email marketing recorded a 73% conversion rate.

2) Its efforts are measurable. This should have you sold. We’re big fans of MailChimp reporting, which helps us create more relevant content from understanding what’s working and what isn’t.

3) It reaches customers in real-time and can be personalized. Listen y’all, we are bowing down to the power of trigger marketing and advanced list segmentation.

You know, someone leaves an item in their cart, 10% off is whisked into their inbox, and the next thing they do is buy. OoOoOooh it’s too good.

4) It works at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Awareness, consideration, and decision. There’s email potential for it all.

When we are stumped, our team likes to mosy on over to ReallyGoodEmails for some inspiration.

5) Many of its processes can be automated, freeing up marketers’ time. Attacking the entire buying process does take up a ton of time. But hey, automation works well.

6) It is continually being updated with interactivity and animation. This is just good ol’ plain fun. And one awesome way to keep subscribers engaged. We’re taking gamification, sliders, menu, accordion, collapsible carousel, flip effect, etc.

We particularly are big fans of GIFs to subtly add wit for your reading pleasure. Engagement can happen without all the flash too. Just pump the email full of value to your reader.

Check out our how-to list to create emails consumers will actually enjoy reading.

7) It’s a prime channel for testing. You can test content variations, segmentation, personalization, subject lines, CTA’s, images, offers and pretty much anything in between. A/B test it all!

8) It’s a permission-based channel. Mailing lists are generated organically by capturing email addresses with consumer permission. This shows amazing potential for long-term loyalty because people aren’t just throwing around their email addresses willy-nilly.

An Ode to Motherhood

Diapers. Bottles. Pacifiers. Crying. Mountains of shoes. Braces. Bills. Hockey practice. Birthday parties. WILL IT EVER END?!

As a mom, there are times when it feels like the entire house is going to fall on top of you. There’s dirty laundry everywhere, food on the walls, bills all over the place… if only you could give birth to an extra pair of arms.

Sometimes the best part of the whole week was the 4 minutes you got to yourself in the shower. Hey, at least it helped to drown out the sound of the ear pinching crying for a bit.

Oh no! You still haven’t gotten anything for the birthday party tomorrow. How are you possibly supposed to pull off an incredible, memorable, Instagrammable birthday party on 45 minutes of sleep and whatever money is left in your wallet? Walmart.

Whoop there it is…whoop there it is!

Wow, oh wow did Walmart Canada get it right! Their newest ad, An Ode to Motherhood, is true theatrical gold all about the challenges of being a mother.

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.”

Avinash Kaushik

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