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When you know it’s time for a redesign, plus a 2000’s throwback.

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10 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but you can judge a brand by its website. It’s not enough just to have a website, you have to have a good one. Okay, checkmark. But how long do you keep it as is? Here are the signs that it’s time for a website redesign:

  1. Leads are Dropping: Now all sorts of variables go into leads, but one of the main purposes for your website is for information potential customers. How are your landing pages and contact forms doin’?
  2. Low Engagement: Your website quality is a huge driver to people eating up your content, too. If you’re noticing really low levels of engagement for your blogs, videos, etc., it’s time to investigate options.
  3. Slow Page Loads: People want results NOW. If you’re noticing high bounce rates and slow page speeds…it’s time to optimize.
  4. Outdated Web Design: You gotta stay with the times! Aesthetics are essential and you don’t want a website that’s too busy.
  5. Inconsistent Branding: A website redesign is a chance to iron out all branding no-nos.
  6. Low SERP Rankings: Getting a redesign is a good opportunity for SEO best practices to be baked into your new site.
  7. Broken Site Elements: We’re not just talking about a redesign for the sake of looks. Your site also might need a boost in functionality.
  8. Different Experiences on Different Devices: You better be mobile-ready and responsive to make it nowadays.
  9. You’re Outgrowing Your Current Site: It’s a good problem to have, right? But don’t let the urgency of growth overshadow the need for a new site.
  10. Outdated or Nonexistent CMS: Content management systems are essential for easy edits and updates, but they are not a one-size-fits all situation. And are you up to date on your CMS updates?

Check out Virtual Image’s full post for more examples of what your site might be experiencing or missing!

Q for You

Do you think your website could use a refresh or overhaul?

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Announcing OnBrand Beta from Pluralytics, creative pre-testing and language analytics powered by AI. OnBrand was made so there’s no guesswork to hit your brand voice…every time, every platform.

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OnBrand is looking for a few innovative brands to join their free beta. Sign up to be a part of this new, AI tool today!

We ❤️ Websites

If you answered that your website could use some help…that’s kind of our jam!

Some of our favorite projects for brands are websites, because they let your brand shine through the most.

Our design team is not only dedicated to delivering stunning, captivating creative, but providing a top-notch user experience, as well.

Hit us up to see what we can do for your website and brand!

Let’s Throw It Back

Do you remember those iPod ads from the early 2000’s? Apple is bringing it back, revamped, for Airpods. This ad features those familiar colored backgrounds and people dancing up a storm. This time around it’s a little more theatrical and has tons of text animations that play in with the dancers’ movements.

Ads from the Past

1967, Campbell’s Soup

“Behind every piece of bad content is an executive who asked for it.”

Michael Brenner


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