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The gift guides that are giving (or not) all December-round.

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The Greatest Gift Guides of the Year

It’s not too late to get that special someone something. Often times, marketing and retail go hand in hand. We wanted to run through some of this year’s top gift buying guides. See if you’re missing anything off your list (don’t forget to treat yo self, too).

These are some of our favorite gift guides from around the internet that fit someone you might have in your life, with our top pick from each list.

No. 1 – For the Creator in Your Life (it might be yourself)

  • Wacom One Drawing Tablet


No. 2 – For the Person Who Has Everything

  • A Personalized Cameo from Mr. T (we pity the fool that doesn’t want that)


No. 3 – For Anyone Working From Home

  • A Web Cam Ring Light


No. 4 – For the Person Loves to Try New Things

  • Hot Sauce of the Month Club Subscription


No. 5 – For the People You Don’t Even Like

  • A Teddy Bear…that never stops singing
  • An honorable mention being a rock in a box (cue the evil laugh)



Advent calendars have long been a way for brands to really get creative with their holiday themed collections, capsules, or samples. They are a way to expand their customer base and often times are coveted stocking stuffers that fly off of shelves (we’re talking to you, mini-bottle Jim Beam whiskey calendar).

Advent calendars that went wrong:

TikTok’s influence on retail is huge. Chanel’s No. 5 fragrance-themed advent calendar featured an array of low-to-mid-value items for a high-value price tag of $825 (!). Customers on TikTok tore Chanel to shreds, making it one of the most notable calendars of the year…for the wrong reason.

Advent calendars that went right:

BUT many brands have been extremely thoughtful to how to do it up right this year.

  • Dior: This luxury brand featured 24 of their cosmetic and fragrance staples in one of the most beautiful packages in the biz.
  • Godiva: Advent calendars are most known for having treats, particularly chocolate. This one wins for having the best sweets variety of the year.
  • Wüfers: This pup-friendy calendar wins for having top rated treats in the cutest advent book.

Q for You

Do you enjoy seeing holiday-edition gifts and sets from brands?

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We Know the Feeling

This BMW ad has us relating pretty hard to running away from social gatherings. Actor Christoph Waltz tries to flee the mingling and small talk, all in vain. After running bobbing and weaving through BMW’s classics, he still finds himself in the middle of the BMW Christmas party. At least he gets to go home in style.

Ads from the Past

1959, Merriam-Webster
The gift that keeps on giving…

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell


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