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YouTube’s Manifesto

4 promises from the platform in 2024.

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YouTube’s 4 Bets for 2024

Over 3 million channels are part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which has paid out over $70 billion to creators and media companies, more than any other creator monetization platform. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan is sharing his four big bets for the platform in 2024:

AI will empower human creativity.

“AI should empower human creativity, not replace it. And everyone should have access to AI tools that will push the boundaries of creative expression,” writes Mohan.

The platform announced AI experiments like Dream Screen, which generates AI backgrounds for Shorts; in addition to Music AI Incubator and Dream Track, which help artists collaborate with AI in music.

Creators should be recognized as next-generation studios.

“[Creators] are redefining the future of the entertainment industry with top-notch storytelling that can’t be dismissed as simply ‘user-generated content,'” says Mohan.

YouTube will invest in support for creators through funding features—like channel memberships, which increased by over 50% last year—as well as programs like the Creator Collective. The platform will also look to work with global policymakers to expand recognition of creators in economic data.

YouTube’s next frontier is the living room and subscriptions.

“Viewers globally now watch more than 1 billion hours on average of YouTube content on their TVs every day. According to Nielsen’s report on streaming in the U.S., YouTube was the leader in streaming watchtime for the past 11 months,” writes Mohan.

The platform will continue to invest in sports broadcasts and commentary, and Music and Premium subscriptions to deliver a best-in-class YouTube experience in the living room.

Protecting the creator economy is foundational.

“Our business as a streaming service relies not just on engagement, but on giving viewers and advertisers confidence that they can count on us to deliver high quality content,” Mohan continues, explaining that the platform is committed to responsible management of global elections, youth programming, and ethical AI.

Read the full blog over at YouTube.

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Say What?

New fave use of AI in a campaign goes to Coke Zero Sugar.

The brand trained AI with an “object detection algorithm” that identifies letter-like shapes across 100k photos of condensation, bubbles, and fizz—effectively leveraging a kind of organic typography that lets the product speak for itself.

Coca-Cola calls it “the most disruptive and digital/social-first iteration of ‘Best Coke Ever?’ to date.” It’s part of larger effort to capture Gen Z through nostalgia spots, TikTok filters, and more.

A billboard with a glass of Coke Zero that says "I got all the taste and zero regrets"

Ads from the Past

Children reaching for a Cheetos bag and the title "Pack accordingly."

Cheetos, 1999


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